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The True Heart of an Intercessor — 5 Comments

  1. I give God Almighty the Glory that is due him, I couldn’t go to sleep and what came to my mind was,”The Heart of an intercessor.”I believe God has called me to intercede for the lives of his ppl,to stand in the gap,to make up the hedge,thank you for this information. I want to make Father God proud praying his will for the wounded saints,and the would be heirs of Salvation. God’s people.

  2. We don’t look at things like that. Sometimes we’re blinded by the pain inflicted by others. This show me my stance and how to look at others in the Spirit of love. Thank you for sharing

  3. This post has truly unveiled the scales off of my eyes and caused me to weep throughout the reading.
    Father, I ask that you keep me humble before thee at all times for the glory of your name and the extension of your Kingdom…. and that I decrease BUT You increase in all I do and say in Jesus’ name -Amen…….
    THANK-YOU Sister Sherry!
    God Bless you and Your ministry

  4. Forgive me Lord for immaturity with much given to me…help me to quickly grow up in your Love and Revelation. Thank you for this post.

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