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The Unsaved Pastors — 4 Comments

  1. I also think it is possible for a person to start off on the road to salvation, and then to be “promoted” as a “pastor” within an institution church, and then full prey to a system which requires the control of people.  It is telling that many who are designated as “pastor” do not necessarily operate in the pastoral gifts – and may be gifted in other areas – but who may act more as a CEO, which is not a New Testament calling. The solution is for the people, including the “pastor”, to come out the system, and for those truly with this calling to exercise the pastoral gifts without the constraints of an institutional system for the sake of the Body.

    • I should qualify this by adding that leaving the institutional may be necessary but not sufficient for ending abuses.  The ills of the institutional church can easily be carried over into the informal home church, unless there is also a change of heart to accompany the change of setting.  The only real safeguard is to fulfil the law of Christ by loving one’s neighbour as oneself.

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