The Urgency of the Times


We often don’t know that we are uninformed or misinformed, until we visit other places where more of the picture is presented.  There is a price to pay for being so totally distracted or too involved in the cares of this life.  It may be a bit normal for priorities to change within a certain period of time; however, the command to “watch,” was never rescinded.  To be aware of particular devices, is not negative at all. It’s very smart.

Devoured.  There is an invasive attitude that is prevalent among us; even those who were called to a different plane.  It’s, “I can’t do anything about it, why should I worry about it.”  That’s certainly a good answer; we are not to fear and not to worry in that context.  But to be unconcerned or complacent, is to be caught without any defense.  It’s very irresponsible and uncaring, to load our loved ones down with all these goods; yet, not teach them what is going on around them and what they will be called upon to have to do.

Like a roaring lion; seeking.  We can argue politics and baseline practicalities if we wish, but it does not change what this kind of animal is doing.  I was reminded today, of another admonishing about devouring; it was about devouring one another.  It’s no doubt in days past, that many of us heard or read about this; it seems that the Word may have been much less hindered in that time.  We knew it happened among us; but, I don’t think it was preached on too much.  Too many times, we often ate one another up; and even those we said we were witnessing to. It made us much weaker.

We once talked about unity.  It is one of the greatest lacks we see in the body of Christ today.  Oh, many assemblies are in unity about certain things; that’s how they can build such empires.  But it is the “unity of the Spirit,” that has somehow slipped away.  We can be in unity to accept less than what the church was designed to have.  We can agree on certain man-designed and laity enhanced regulations; but, that does not promote or ensure spiritual growth.  It is urgent that the body of Christ realizes, that we are not at our full potential.  And if we continue in this slackness, there is defeat.

There is indeed going to be a final confrontation.  So many of us were led to believe that we would not be here to be a part of it.  I understand that there are parts that we will be escaped from.  It is critical, that we go back to something the apostolic writers clearly told us about.  False teachers, arising up in the church.  I cannot help but restate, that by not allowing the full order of the ministry and the operation of Spiritual gifts, we had few that were watching for this.  Does it occur to us, that God would not let wolves be in among His sheep, and no one would be aware of it?  Would He?

If the enemy’s time is short, and it is, just what do we think he is going about doing; among us, and all over the world.  It has also become apparent now, that many are not going to heed the word that the true prophets and other gifted men and women are giving in this hour.

Therefore, previously unseen and unexpected trials and tribulations are coming upon us.  Never before, have I heard the word “shaking” being proclaimed to such a high degree.  To me, Christ is stretching as wide and urgently as He can, to alert His people, as to what is upon us.  Urging us all, to be prepared.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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