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  1. Wow, Bev, the Lord ask us all some very thought provoking questions here!

    We have counted the cost, so let’s stay with that decision to follow Jesus as all the way now! I want to as He truly has the Words of eternal life for us all!

    Love you sis. Prayers and blessings. Joyce

    I want to be one of “These are the ones who seek My Face, not My Hands.  Remember, the way is

  2. Indeed “narrow” is the way – Money, Power, Fame and Influence, sounds like “The Blessing” of Abraham, in which we are the seed Gen. 12:1-3, Gal. 3:16 Are you in Church? Let’s go!

  3. This is beautiful Beverly!  A short while after reading this , while spending quiet worshipping time with Him, He gave me a psalm about it.  Just absolutely beautiful as I sung it back to Him.  I hope to share it with everyone soon!
    Much love to you, Gabrielle

    • Gabrielle, Thank you so much! GOD is so good.  I look forward to reading the Psalm He gave you.

      He does that with me too, giving me songs while I’m worshipping Him. It just draws me closer.

      I LOVE how He does it through you. You are truly blessed.

      BLESSINGS! Bev

    • Success, He will use you mightily in the days ahead. Your heart is willing. Just take His hand & He’ll guide you. He loves you so much!

      BLESSINGS! Bev

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