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The Wind of His Spirit! — 5 Comments

  1. Indeed, Chris, on the strong winds of a great mighty move of God’s hand shall come a broad cleansing sweep of deliverance from the depths of all deception and corruption that will usher in a breath of a blessed revival all across the land. Hallelujah! Sandi

  2. ABBA FATHER,JESUS SON OF GOD AND HOLY SPIRIT with us, even to the end of the Age!” Yes .Amen.

    That’s His Promise, His Covenant with us.

    Whatever is coming,
    He is with us always — and after that, we’ll be with Him.

    Oh hallelujah .Amen .

  3. Voglia il Signore realizzare presto la Sua promessa…Amen!

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “May the Lord soon fulfill His promise… Amen!” ]

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