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  1. Amen! I receive the shift into the “Promised Land” out of bondage, torment, oppression, and barrenness. Be glorified Father as we go hand in hand into this new season!

  2. I Prophesy Holy Spirit, you are separating your remnantfrom those things which have held them back and put them in bondage.

  3. Dear Celine, God says in His word that He can never leave us nor foresake us, and I believe and trust beyond doubt tha His word is true, so just press in and lay everything at His feet, he knows everything especially out hearts and He is a merciful and forgiving God, if you come back to Him, He will take you back that’s His promise to all who repent, believe and trust. You could also find Godly people in your vicinity who are willing to pray with you and intercede for you, what I am sure of is that He is a faithful and loving God, so take heart and trust that He will make you whole again in Jesus mighty name amen.

  4. This sounds very good, but the opposite is the case. There is NO breakthrough and no redemption, only severe persecution, torture and torment. I’m wondering if God ever comes for for me to redeem me and rescue me out of Satan’s hand. For years and years I hear, that God has redeemed you, turned things around for good, ect. It’s just emty words, never ever came to pass. It always sounds so encouraging and I wait and expect good and God to move FOR me, but all there cones is more persecution and literal torture. My body is destroyed, my soul and heartpierced and torn into thousand pieces. This world is evil only. I don’t know any true christian. Where is God? Where is the redemption and his glory? Why am I still suffering in the devil’s hand?

    • Dear Joline you need to praise your way out of the situation. The word says God has given power over all principalities and darkness. And by no means shall anything harms us. Put on worship music start confessing God’s word. Repent for disbelief . Jesus is waiting on you. He is a gentleman he will not force himself on you. Rise up sister , rise up sister in Christ. Say no more. no more devil. Speak and apply
      The Blood Of Jesus over yourself and home. Nothing can come against the Blood of Jesus. Even if you just whisper His name Jesus Jesus over and over those tormentors must flee. Stand Sister.

    • A confirmation of what the Lord is saying through Deborah WaldronFry
      by Prophet Russ Walden

      April 21, 2020.  The Father says today, I AM the God of your trouble.  The problems assailing you do not exist independent of My power or My sovereignty to deliver you.  Make it your determination not to let trouble push you around or control your responses to the events of the day.  I AM your hiding place.  The very love that I have for you preserves you so effectively that your wails of frustration are now turned into songs of deliverance.  Economic difficulty will not define you.  Business challenges will not force you to alter the trajectory of your life or the decisions ahead.  It’s time for a heart-cleanse because out of your heart come the issues of life.  If you don’t like what is in your life then change what is in your heart, for that is where I dwell and where I make My abiding place on the inside of you.

      Strengthen your prayer perimeter today.  Don’t put your confidence in religious striving.  What price could you possibly pay to motivate Me beyond the work of the Cross to do a miracle in your situation?  Trust in the finished work.  Many go about destroying their faith by exerting all manner of works and religious activity as if that is required to see My hand move.  When I come into your situation, I look for faith and faith alone because when you give Me faith, you are giving Me what I require to bring the change you are asking for.  This is the work of God — to believe on Him who I have sent, and at that moment, the miracle manifests, and the circumstance will change from living hell to heaven on earth!

  5. Nice word. But I’m not redeemed at all. I’m under torture and torment in captivity. Totally defeated by the enemy, completely hopeless and desperate. God left me and gave Satan unlimited reign over me. I totally lost hope and faith that Jesus would ever come to rescue me.

    • May He who rends the Heavens spark knowledge to your vision encompassing you to wisdom and bravery.  He has not left you as an empty dish, but a vessel fit for His presence thru the redemptive power of the cross. He says not by might nor by power but by My Spirit says the Lord of Hosts.  He says pray for them who despitefully use you. Remember also that they warned one another of those who caused them harm—such as Alexander the coppersmith (2 Timothy 4:14-18) Seek help while it may be found.  May He make a way for you to get help. In Christ, amen

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