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This is The Hour of The Manifestation of The Son — 1 Comment

  1. I must add to this that I the las month have had a prayer burden’ to pray that God shall prepare the sick, the handicapped, etc. All those who Jesus, like the man at Bethesda(John 5:1-10) were prepared for a miracle.  The origin words also describes that it is in a certain season this miracles happens and of a chronological order.

    That verse is often understood as like the lame man was ‘lazy’ or did not really wanted to be healed but in fact he was waiting for ‘his time’ in the chronological order. He was prepared .

    It is also time to pray for that all kind of benefit from sickness shall be stopped, because many are, without being aware of it, against healing of their dear ones or other people by a selfish spirit which is in agreement with the spirit of sin and death rather than the Spirit of Life.

    The other day I met a young mentally handicapped woman who was in a wheelchair and the same moment we passed each other she turned her face to me and with shining eyes she gave me the biggest smile. Afterwords it struck me that ‘maybe God is preparing them now? with dreams and visions?  (Hallelujah)

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