Those Words of the Hananiahs Will Be Left in the Dust!


“Then the prophet Jeremiah said to Hananiah the prophet, “Listen, Hananiah!  The LORD has not sent you, yet you have persuaded this nation to trust in lies.  Therefore this is what The LORD says: ‘I am about to remove you from the face of the earth.  This very year you are going to die, because you have preached rebellion against The LORD.’”
In the seventh month of that same year, Hananiah the prophet died,” 
 Jeremiah 28:15-17.

“The words of my true prophets will stand as a bulwark for this nation.

Those words of the Hananiahs will be left in the dust.

For the people may not receive them, and yet they will endure unto the end.

For the Word of God endures forever.  The grass withereth and the flower fades but My Word endures forever.

My Word has gone out unto the ends of the earth, and it will accomplish that which I’ve called it to do.

But woe, unto those who speak false words.

Woe unto those who say that I will make America great again.  It is not so.

Those very words will fall to the ground.  Those very words will enter back into your own hearts.

For it was a pretentious dream that you uttered.  You have given false hope to the people.

I will demand these words of yours, and they will cause you to finally see that you have betrayed the people.

And those very words that you have uttered, will come back to haunt you.

You will withdraw back into your caves on that day, and the voices of my true prophets will ring in your ears.

For you have betrayed the very one that has sent you.  You gathered many around you, and you declared your words as truth when they were not.

For on that day when your king has fallen, then the sword will enter back into your own hearts.”


~ Stephen Hanson

Prophet Stephen HansonStephen Hanson of In His Truth Ministries came to The LORD is a special way in 1975 and has prophesied regularly since.  In these end-time birthing pangs we are reminded that judgment must first begin with the household of God.  Will we be prepared and ready?

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