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Thrones and Crowns Fall as Church Purification Fires Burn — 2 Comments

  1. My daughter had a dream that I think confirms your word:
    I had a dream 12/05/19:
    I saw a Hollywood billionaire who just got married to a Hispanic wife. He just had a bunch of flops and was about to make a film that he was hoping would be his big comeback, because he was almost broke. Suddenly he passed away and I knew that his death marked the beginning of a change for the good in Hollywood. When he passed his wife found out that he was broke and he only had about $300,000, she was shocked because she thought that he was loaded. Then I saw in front of the billionaire’s mansion was a large lake and a Father and his little son jumped in. Suddenly, a building which looked like the Milano Duomo rose out of the water beneath the man and his son in a large miniature size. The father and son held on to the Duomo’s spires to steady themselves as the church continued to rise out of the water.

    My daughters name is Rocki starr Gazowsky
    May the love of God be with you
    Pastor Richard Gazowsky

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