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Time is Moving Faster? — 2 Comments

  1. Prophet Hanson may the Anointing of God continue to rest heavily upon you to bring wisdom, revelation and discernment of times. May we as Believers in The Body of Christ, as Jesus spoke in John 17,”…that they may be ONE as we are ONE. I in them and you in me so that they may be brought to complete unity…” That day is hastening with each dawning of day.

  2. Brother, exactly the same thoughts I had this week, especially today. “What ?!? Friday again ?!?!” So we are at least two with the very same senses, thoughts, experiences this week that truly was running like being the last sprint before the final destination. Now a word regarding the food: GOD has promised that we will not be left without food, and that we will have enough to eat and He will also care for our other daily needs. Sometimes I think of the ravens, too. Surely, the LORD will provide through them again if needed, but He is able to do more surprises for us in ways we don’t know now. Stay blessed !

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