Time to Declare Victory Over Poverty!


Time to declare victory over poverty and step forward boldly to take new territory!

I see many in the body of Christ who have been held back and hindered by a poverty mindset.  They have become “spectators of destiny,” rather than partakers of destiny, but I declare that is all about to change!

I hear Father say,  “Beloved, I AM breaking you free from the chains of a poverty mindset and I AM giving you a prosperity mindset.

Even in this hour, I AM shifting and fixing the focus of your faith, and I AM taking you from being spectators of destiny to divine partakers of destiny.

Now watch as the power of generational curses are lifted, and the yokes of heavy burdens are broken.  In this season, I AM giving you My rest, and My Spirit of Truth is exposing the thief that has been in operation.

Beloved, have I not promised to restore what the locusts have eaten?

Watch, for now the power of My glory will go forth to extend your boarders, giving you new ground and new territory.  Fear not!  For I AM the mighty breaker that goes before you to break the power of holding cycles of delay, despair and depression that have kept you bound and barren.

Beloved, even now as you draw closer and come up higher, I will release to you new life and a radical expectation to dream again,” says God.

I see; new vision and greater provision coming forth in the midst of darkness and bad reports.

I see the spirit of might and strength reviving the weak and the weary.  I see the Spirit of Wisdom and Counsel releasing and revealing new strategy and timely solutions in the midst of increasing chaos and confusion.

I see the Spirit of Power and Understanding, uncovering and exposing the lies of the enemy concerning Kingdom identity and destiny.

There is a divine exchange for the spirit of heaviness as radical worshipers emerge from the shadows and the caves of isolation, fear and loneliness.

I see the Spirit of the Fear of the LORD shifting and lifting the atmosphere of death and darkness, and the radiance and brilliance of his light and glory breaking forth over the sons of God.

I see the feet of the righteous planted on solid rock instead of sinking sand, and the power of His radical love dismantling the strongholds of division and indifference.

I Declare:   There is a supernatural peace and an unshakable assurance being released over God’s people in this hour.  Broken lives are being healed and renewed, familiar spirits of mourning, grief and sadness are being vanquished as a new song and a new sound rises up in the midst of God’s people.

I Declare:   The chains of insecurity, shame and guilt are being broken.  The tide is turning and the feet of the sons of God are now moving forward boldly to take new territory.  They will expect victory everywhere the soles of their feet tread, in Jesus’ name!

I Declare:   He is making the impossible possible, miracles, signs and wonders will now pave the way for the rivers of revival and a great harvest.

My prayer for you today;   Father, give your sons and daughters the holy boldness to step forward into new and unknown territory and to take it for Your Kingdom purposes.  In Jesus’ mighty name.  Amen!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Time to Declare Victory Over Poverty! — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for your powerful prophetic message sister. Stay blessed and anointed for the enlargement of God’s kingdom.