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Time to Take the Bull by the Horns! — 11 Comments

  1. Good Morning,

    Please continue to write these prophetic decrees and declarations so that we can continue to unite in prayer wherever we are!

    Sister Marcela Simental

    • Good day, dear Marcela, so good to hear your encouraging words as we unite AS ONE in prayer. Thank you. May God richly empower your words as you go forth in FAITH believing. Many blessings, Sandi Holman

  2. Sandi, much meat to chew on here. The Lord is dealing with every one of us and I want to have listenening ears in the Spirit.
    Amen, as our Words are vital and so much we speak often times sets us back. I love you sis. God’s richest blessings

    • Good morning, dear Joyce, and I am humbled by the Lord’s gentle prodding all of us to listening and act on His word. May we all rise to the challenge to guard our hearts and watch our words. May Proverbs 12:18 be written on our hearts that we desire the tongue of the wise.“Speaking rashly, is like a piercing Sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing. I am so grateful to call you friend, Love and hugs, Sandi

  3. To seek FIRST the kingdom of God, that place where every word is spoken by faith Knowing anything that is not spoken from faith that is idle is sin! Taking every thought (fiery dart) captive knowing this is where the enemy can knock us off the path of the Kingdom of God, trying to find that place of free speech a place for Twitter does not seem to exist We see Jesus walk in the careful place speaking only what God told Him but we also see Samuel, where scripture says not one of His words, fell to the ground, all were fulfilled
    1 Samuel 3:19
    Amplified Bible
    19 Now Samuel grew; and the Lord was with him and He let none of his words [a]fail [to be fulfilled].
    Deciding to Seek first the kingdom of God is possible I agree with your declarations and decrees and guard my tongue and my thoughts to see them fulfilled IN JESUS NAME

    • Now that is so good. Not one of his words fell to the ground is one of my favorite passages, Jay. Thanks for sharing and agreeing as we watch the Lord perform His word. Many blessings to you my brother, Sandi

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