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  1. Dear Sis Esther
    Thank you very much for these words on Ruth.  This entire prophetic word speaks about my life to a tee.  I know that God is confirming what He spoke to me many years ago!  I am totally excited and await my prophecies to come to pass very soon.  Thank you sis!

  2. Your words above echo almost exactly the words I heard in my spirit earlier this month….God told me so clearly to glean in a certain field because that is where Boaz is. Whilst I am still waiting for Boaz to appear, I believe your word confirms that I am in the right place. Thank you for being so fine tuned to His voice that you are able to serve as a channel of His will to people in the four corners of the earth. Insignificant people such as me needed to hear this very specific word, all the way out here in South Africa.

  3. Dear Esther ! I wanted to stop commenting here, but the topic RUTH is very special. There is an urgency in my heart, through God`s Spirit, spirit, that I MUST comment about women in the Scriptures and GOD`s will for them.
    I once heard in a church words of a mocking woman, concerning Ruth, how clever some women in the Bible were or are. How strategic and so on. But I knew no other woman like this “christian lady” who was in constant but “hidden” relationship with a married man, and she already had a child from another married man. It was a highly charismatic church. Since then I avoid these “temples”. A guest came to that church and said to me suddenly: Why do you listen to this Jezebel ? She has an Jezebel spirit. Wow – this was hitting the point. But many may know who and what breaks lose when you try to leave false friends…
    But now back to RUTH. I often thought, how humbling it must have been to her, when she got the advice by her mother in law, that she had to go to Boaz. GOD tells, that a woman will find rest in the house / home of her husband. GOD says, that women will be BLESSED when they serve their husbands and give birth to children. But the world in these Last Days says, `what a bitch`, or even worse, what a witch.
    Another story is about Juda and Tamar. She was told to sit at the sideway of a street, dressed like a harlot, for it was sure – Juda would rather take a prostitute for a one night stand than doing what GOD has written in His law. So you know what ? Tamar was also accused. How humbling must it have been to her, going there, knowing what will happen next. Bathseba also was accused… no matter who commanded to take her to the palace. We modern day women are all well educated, every one looks that she never needs dependancy on men. And it is very clear at hand: IF one shows dependancy, men run to other women. They want marriage some day later – at 40, or 50, or 60, even later. Until that time, they want fun. Selfishness is one word of God for this. Or egoism.  I am over 50 now, and I understand the advice of the “old” Noemi. But she said one poignant sentence: “And if I would marry tonight and would birth a new son – would you be able to wait for him until the age he can marry you ?” So many more real life stories in the Bible. I never wanted to wrap men around my fingers. And I never will do this. As Ruth, Tamar and millions of our foremothers also were no prostitutes !!!
    Sisters and brothers, I have much to do these days, as always. Maybe another time I will give you an update. GOD BLESS YOU !

  4. Dear Esther

    You give me hope these prophetic words shared given by you each and every one speaks to me personally thank you they bless my heart so very much also I took time to write down yesterdays prophetic word in my journal and shared it with a friend in fact she had called telling me about how God had quickened to her the night before How things can change in a moment so it was a confirmation for me from reading your prophetic word.  I will once again take the time to write out this entire prophetic word I know that it is easier to print however when I take time to write it for some reason it is different.  Thank you with blessings Sue

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