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To Love Him Is To Obey Him! — 2 Comments

  1. There is no gift of obedience – After the repentance I have to do all, what I can with my own strength, to be obedient.
    I have to fight against my self-will and my own wishes and to learn to live after the word of GOD.

    When I fight, to be obedient to the word of GOD, then I love JESUS Himself.

    If it would be a gift, then I can always say: Oh, I cannot be obedient, because I haven’t this gift.

    But I must do all what I can with my own strength, and then – and only then – JESUS comes in and helps me with HIS strength to overcome all of my old self. I can not do it alone – JESUS will support me with his mighty strength, when HE is seeing, that I do all what I can, to be obedient to him.  But JESUS and I we must work together.

    In the world I have enough strength to do all what I want and wish and I fight with all my strength to become a great human being, and when I want to follow JESUS, then – suddenly – I have no strength to be obedient to JESUS.

    Is that true?  JESUS said : …we have to love HIM with all our strength!

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