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  1. 1 Timothy 3:6
    A church leader must not be a recent convert.
    It would seem that some things never change we must stick to what is written. The Bible says God never changes the children god would be talking about are his children and they could be any age as even old possibly young we don’t need the same problems we are coming out of all over again.

  2. Sur, I share the same view with you on the above post. Children were very special vessels to our Lord Jesus Christ & are still special to Him till date. The age of the children to be singled out & used by God doesn’t matter to HIM. Remember Psalms 8 vs 2.  I had posted before now a dream where the old men of God were been called home (Heaven) for their crowns & the younger ones positioned to replace them. May God give us the Grace to train our children well as demanded of God! Lord consecrate our children so they may be fit for your kingdom use. God bless you Pastor Chris. Thanks

  3. Almost none of those who are in leadership positions will be used in the move God is about to do. The older guiding hand will come from those outside of the visible church most see. The younger people will not be guided by those who refuse to adjust to what the Spirit of God is about to do. He is done with the old and only will use what is new no matter the age. There are some things that only come with age. Zeal is good wisdom better. The next move of God will be many the present church has said we’re not fit for duty would not come in line with their plans and porpoises. Kinda of like Joshua and Caleb when they entered the promise land all the old except them were dead the new were raised up and only those two who were still strong and full of faith were used. As it was then so it will be now. The young will be filled and called but not with out older out of church type people most have said were of no use. Oh well so be it.

    • Thank you brother Larsen for your post. I always remember the story of SAMUEL in 1 Samuel 3 whom God chose at a tender age , gave the Mantle/office of ELI (Old priest at Shiloh) to Baby Samuel & retired ELI for refusing to correct his kids. I want to believe God was interested in Eli’ children to take over the Mantle from their father if they obeyed Him. This clearly tells us God loves to use Children! May God help us to bring up our children in ways that will be pleasing to God to fill them up & use them for His kingdom purpose Amen!

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