Travail will come…

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Do YOU know His voice?

“Now the Lord had told Samuel ‘in his ear,’ a day before Saul came”  (1 Samuel 9:15).  It says, that the man’s father had lost some livestock, and his son went looking for them.  Couldn’t find them.  He and his servant searched every place they knew to look.  They got close to a place, where a prophet or seer was known to abide; it was said that he could tell people things and many went to him, because he could see things, others could not see or know.

We sometimes hear in our day, a reference to some of the words of Christ.  It says, “He that hath an ear, let him hear”  (Revelation 2:17).  Something came to me again today; why should we be any less powerful than men and women of the Old Testament?

They saw things, knew things, had great experiences in the deeper things of God and performed mighty works and miracles.  They were very powerful; and God used them mightily.  The same awesome power that worked through them, was also suppose to be endued to us.

If we believe what we preached so long to others, then surely we realize, that there should also be mighty signs, wonders and miracles, among our people today.  In other words, many of us should be seeing and hearing things also.  If you tell most people today, that the Lord spoke to you and you heard His voice, they may look at you strange.  I feel led to remind all of us of something Jesus Christ said clearly: “My sheep, know my voice”  (John 10:27).   One might ask, how will we know His voice, if we cannot even hear it?

It can no longer be hidden, that most of us are living, far, far below from what we could or should have in the Spirit.  God spoke in Samuel’s ear.  I never saw that before.  Saul went to the seer, to ask him where their lost animals might be.  The day Saul came, Samuel already knew what he was going to ask; he already knew where the animals were.  And he already knew that this was the one He was going to anoint King.  How?  By the almighty power of God; the day before.  God spoke again, on the day that this man arrived looking for him.  God said, this is the one I told you about.

We say we have the Spirit living inside of us today.  But one thing is sure; if we are not seeking to follow the leading of the Holy Ghost totally, and we are truly not listening to hear what the Spirit is saying, we won’t hear.

I don’t believe today, that the Holy Ghost is chasing people down, to try to get them to listen.  Jesus implied, that not everyone wanted to hear what the Spirit was saying to the Church; and they don’t.  He was saying, that those who “want” to hear, will hear.  God, open our ears, to your voice.

Travail will come…

“For I have looked upon my people, because their cry is come unto me”  (1 Samuel 1:16).

We’re hearing things; there seems to be many warnings that are going forth.  Because things are still going well, for the most part, it is easy just to shake it off.  As it has always been, most people don’t want to hear any message about trouble.  It’s also easy to find fault with those who say they are messengers, sent by God.  Some are false; but some are real.

Whether we believe in such voices or not, does not matter much in what is or is not, coming to pass.  If anyone believes that the Bible is truly the very inspired Word of God, then they have to believe what was already foretold.  Many writers in the Old and New Testaments, spoke of the time of the end.  Jesus himself, foretold how things would be before His coming.  We can shake off what some human may say; but, can we shake off what the Lamb of God said. Or the Apostle, who wrote so much about these times.

Some signs, are absolutely undeniable.  Ask yourself a question: What if the things these messengers today are saying, are really true.  What if this truly is only the beginning of sorrows; just like Jesus said.  Do we actually see the things Paul said, about the last days; perilous times are coming?

I do think many can say, perilous times are not coming; they are definitely already here.  Soft soaping it, keeping people distracted and saying only nice things that people want to hear, does not change, what is to come.

Speaking nicely, there are many people in my age group here.  We are still here for a reason; back through the years, we saw and heard things, was exposed to many Spiritual things, and we know how to pray.  I’m not talking about simple prayers; I’m talking about how we saw with our own eyes, how to do intercessory prayer and how to fight real wickedness, in high places.  We heard it preached and taught; we say it demonstrated.  And when the time comes, we will remember just how it was done; and do it.

The systems we are observing, cannot stand for long.  Too much, is built on air and speculation.  In olden words, we cannot forever burn the candle at both ends; it meets in the middle, sooner or later.

The prophecies of our Holy Book, say forces are arising for, a one system fits all.  The stage is now being set, for a different kind of kingdom being set up; we are headed pell mell in that direction.  We of the true kingdom, know how to travail; God made sure we saw it and we learned how.  We will be shaken; forget what the people we doubt are saying.

What did His word say?  Travail, will come.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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