Trump: The “Fall Guy”


Early in the presidential elections [as they were just getting started with all the men running for office of president], I received a word saying “Donald Trump was a trumpet to trumpet all.”

At the same time a little later on the same day, I heard also the LORD say:  “He is a fall guy.”

I never posted this further word, mainly because I was unsure if I should, wondering myself what it meant.  Plus, I wondered if it was just for me to know….. I have gone now all this time carefully studying all about him and the actions he has taken and the contest.

I have deeply wondered why the LORD would call him “a fall guy.”

Today, after listening to all the news and the things that they are saying and trying to do to Donald Trump, I understand now how he could be a fall guy.  Below I have dragged and pasted here a definition of a “Fall guy” from the dictionary:

Fall guy
N. Slang
1.  A scapegoat.
2.  A gullible victim; a dupe.
Fall guy
1.  A person who is the victim of a confidence trick
2.  A scapegoat
Fall′ guy`
1.  An easy victim.
2.  A scapegoat.

Upon reading the above I hear this:

Jesus Christ became a fall guy for us all, the day he took the blame for all our sins and willingly died on his cross for all.  Had he not been willing to bear the blame and carry the shame, sinners would not be saved!

But because Jesus Christ was willing to give his all, He became the savior of all those who believe.

Today a man is found willing [Donald Trump].  Yes, willing to give his all, even at the high cost of all, he continues to suffer wrong, today many see him as a fall guy.

Today he is standing tall among all who see him and know that for them he is willing to take the fall.  He would not have to do it [because he has much], yet onward he pushes forward.

He sees the task before him, fully knowing the high cost it will be to him personally, and the terrible job ahead that is looming daily.  Yet, today he is strangely willing, even while he is laughed at, he does not appear to many to consider the high cost but considers men and their need.

He sees his nation in great need [having been led down wrong paths], and he steps up to the plate daily to carry all the load.  He alone has stepped up and stayed the course even when many others quit the task.

Where in the world would you ever find a man who was willing to give his all in spite of the ugly things he clearly sees and knows?

I hear the words come ringing: “He does it for me!”

He is my man and I have put this in his heart for hear and now.  He is the one to lead this nation aright.  To begin the fight for right.

* * * * *

I have posted this word in obedience to my LORD, as I hear it.

LORD, bring this Word forward and bless your man, Donald Trump.  May this nation truly know that he is the man to make this nation great again.

Pray for him:

The fall guy for us all.  The scapegoat


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey
The light will shine in His glory… In the desert.

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Trump: The “Fall Guy” — 4 Comments

  1. I have been praying for Donald Trump as per the Lord’s request since June 16th when he announced – have seen him take hit after hit and keep going, I have defended him at every turn – no matter what comes out of his mouth – I know he is God’s anointed taking the hit again and again- I would not be able to – I asked the Lord to show me his heart – and it was pure gold and filled with love.  it has been so hard for me personally to see the hits and false accusations – he has not lived a pristine life, but some of these things are just pure lies – smears – I am amazed at his ability to rise above it all. 
    thank you for sharing

    • Please don’t take this personally but I sincerely doubt that Donald Trump’s heart is pure gold and filled with love. The bible says that from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.  His mouth is showing what is in his heart.

  2. It has been said in Proverbs you cannot identify a fool until he opens his mouth. It is not what goes into a man, but what comes out of him that will verify his wisdom or lack of same. His integrity and wisdom can easily be detected with what is coming out of his mouth.

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