Trump to Cause USA to Triumph

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Rhema on Apostolic Ministry

The first thing Jesus said to Saul concerning his calling as he encountered the LORD on the road to Damascus, was not how big his platform would be, not how popular he would be, or how many people would love him, but rather how much he would suffer for His Name’s sake.

Often today we want the titles, but not the crushing.  We want the platforms, but not the private preparation for the apostolic call.

I heard the Spirit of the LORD say yesterday, “I AM looking for a people who will PAY the PRICE to obey My voice.”

Get ready to be misunderstood, betrayed, falsely accused and shown dishonor from those who ought to honor you.

The apostolic I hear the LORD saying is about being a drink offering to this generation;  to go where He says go; to do what He says we must do; to obey the voice of the LORD.

The greatest reward of the apostolic is yes to see people, regions, territories, and nations shaken by the power of God.  But it is knowing that as His “sent ones”, we obey Him at any price and at any cost and as we suffer with Him we shall also reign with Him.

Be Still

I’ve been hearing and feeling today the LORD’s intense desire to have His sons and daughters just simply sit and BE STILL in His presence.

The word “STILL” in the Hebrew is the word רָפָה, (râphâh) ‘Raphah’ in the Hebrew which means to withdraw, to relax, to sink, and to REFRAIN.

I sensed the LORD saying that He is desiring for His bride, His people, His sons and daughters to REFRAIN from the busyness and to RELAX in His presence.

Here is the place all the fear, worry,doubt, and I heard the LORD saying the spirit of unbelief are stripped from our lives.  When His glory begins to fall on us all of these bondages begin to be pulled off of our lives.

The LORD reminded me of my children who so many times I just wanted to simply hold and love on them, but they were so anxious to keep moving around.

The LORD is saying I want my children to BE STILL so I can simply love on them, hold them, comfort them, speak to them, and bring them into greater heavenly encounters of My love and presence.

It’s time to SINK into His presence. It’s time to stop being just busybodies and allow Abba to love on us.

“Be STILL and KNOW that I am GOD,”   Psalm 46:10.

Intentions and Motivations

Purity of intentions and motivations is becoming harder and harder to find but the standard has not changed.

The LORD desires purity and truth in our inward parts.  Why do you do what you do?

Why do you connect with others and with what in mind?

Holy Spirit give us a healthy fear of the LORD to sift out hidden agendas and schemes that are causing chaos and dysfunction in the body of Christ.

Prophetic purity even I declare now LORD in the mighty Name of Jesus!

Trump to Cause USA to Triumph

I heard the LORD say, TRUMP shall cause the United States to TRIUMPH.

I heard the LORD say despite all of the opposition He has undergone and is undergoing, the LORD showed me in the realm of the Spirit that He is surrounding President Trump with not just Christian leaders but prophetic eagles who will deal closely with and speak into him.

Let’s LIFT UP our president and speak life, blessings, and favor over him.  Despite various opinions he holds a difficult office appointed by God.


~ Kevin Stevens

Keven StevensKevin Stevens is a Pastor, Evangelist, Revivalist, and Author out of Western N.Y.  It is Kevin’s heart and passion to write prophetically under the unction of the Spirit of God.
Kevin’s books “A Word for the Weary” and “Moving Mountains” are available now on Amazon.

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