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America: Trump Will Win — But Will Walk With a Limp — 32 Comments

  1. You speak of the soul of the nation (spirit soul is mind will and emotion) and body This nation is not a living human being.  When God save a sinner it’s by Salvation The shed BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST GOD SON.

  2. This battle now is a battle between good and evil. Prayer hard. Our country is surrounded by demonic forces. Our own politicians are in on it. Foreign interference had been allowed in for a few pieces of silver. This has to play out this way for 1, that the evil is truly rooted out and 2, so the world knows God was in the details.

  3. Interesting that the dream consisted of the word ‘destruction’. In Hebrew
    gematria, the science of numbers, Joe Biden means, ‘Messiah without God’.
    But Kamala’s name means, “Destruction”. Kamala’s family are Hindus. FYI

    PS I don’t know what is meant by ‘Enter your own website URL. I don’t ever have a website

  4. Trump is not our savior people of God. Jesus is. Lets not be so fearful. seems we are so worried about losing a political ally. why?

  5. I was praying over this and profoundly moved with the imagery.  There is a parallel that a Godly woman is now on the Supreme Court, an ally with a righteous heart now kindred with president Trump.  The scales have indeed tipped.

    Secondly, I was reminded that Psalm 91 is the assurance and promise for this man, in this time.  I especially love the promise of protection from “the destruction at noon” the lies told, emerging from the depths and depravity of hell. May those words be their own destruction.

  6. Two days ago somebody told me that They declared Biden one and I was so hurt by the news that I didn’t go and check for myself but then I got this feeling that everything was gonna be OK and that Trump would win so then I walked in the house and I told my mom somebody told me and she said no they haven’t decided and I told her oh my gosh I felt the Holy Spirit tell me everything would be OK

  7. These things already happened years ago. It is very likely symbolic, most dreams are not literal. For example, a hip injury like Jacob had is symbolic in dreams to mean someone is cheating and betrayal. Trump Has cheated and lied.
    Historically and biblically Jacob fought God and was injured in his hip and he also cheated and tricked everyone and took a powerful position that was rightfully his brothers. He also called himself Israel.

    • When God declared Trump as leader of our nation then whatever sins Trump had committed in the past were forgiven and forgotten by the Lord and we need to not judge in this matter.  Like Jacob, Trump has wrestled with the Lord, I feel most recently during his covid-19 event, and has declared his recovery a miraculous recovery by the Lord, and has given credit to the Lord many times. I believe this is that limp and will be used as a reminder to him of how good God is. Also remember that God chose Jacob over his brother Essas and who are we to question God’s plans and purposes.  I choose to believe God has President Trump under his wing for protection and love and in the right place at the right time of our Nation. God deals with each of us at different times and in different ways and only He knows why. Trust the Lord and Trust His Plans.

      • I agree. We are all redeemed sinners and once saved, He works with us. And Trump is being used mightily by God. Biden is acting counter to will of God and needs our prayers that he is not judged eternally for his sins.

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