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Turn Your Eyes Onto Your Savior! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank You again for this day, my birthday August 16, 2016 declaring to me, my warfare, has Ended!!!!! Thank you for
    preserving me from all my enemies, my heart cries, in answer
    to my prayers. Peace Be Still !!! I receive it. I love you!!

  2. Thanks be to God, for your Words, this day, as I rejoice always in them. I love you, you’re my heart, you’re my all in all, my comforter, who is closer to me, at every breath I take. I abound in you, and you in me, for we are one. I give you the Highest Praises, of Honor, for you are Great, everything, is of perfection. I love being with you all the time, every second of my day, is a joy. I love to hear your words, I love how you care for me, always a present help to me, in times of troubles, in good times, and in bad times, you are there, you are God,and in you alone there is peace, love, joy, mercy,everlasting abundance of your favor over me, for we both delight in one another. I love how mind is stayed on you, every moment of my day, how you keep me in that perfect peace no matter what is going on around me, it does not matter, for you are in me, and I in you, and I can’t ever be defeated not ever. The Words, I speak are Powerful, I’m anointed for good works. I’m above and not beneath.
    I’m a King and a Priest! I’m everything you said I would be, and more, and oh how I love you Abba, you know, you know my heart, you know every word before it is spoken coming from my heart of hearts for you my King, and Lord of lords, you are too much, more than enough, beyond comprehension for my mind to conceive, your Greatness, your love, is the ultimate, exceedingly, magnificently, gift, given to mankind, for it reaches to the highest mountains, it flows, ever so sweetly. I love you!

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