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UK: From a British Bulldog Season, Into an Iron Lady Era — 19 Comments

  1. Thank you Veronika for your input. I too have been PRAYING to Almighty God to see us right and take us to where we NEED to BE.

    Let us HOPE and PRAY that HOWEVER this finally plays out, a Christian government led by a Christian Prime Minister will arise and work HAND in GLOVE with the Father. THAT is the ONLY WAY our nation will prosper and thrive…EVER!!

  2. This prophecy echoes the prophecy given by Chris Reed in January about a Margaret Thatcher type person rising in British politics. It also echoes Tomi Arayomi’s word from 2018 I think that said Boris’s days were numbered and that He would resign following many other resignations. He went on to say that God would raise up a foreigner, from the back benches, to fill the position. I believe as you intimate there will be a succession of Prime Minister’s in place for a short time, but I believe the foreigner will be someone born abroad, and not of foreign descent. We pray on!

  3. Will the ‘foreigner’ be Sajid Javid?  Perhaps his time will come after Liz?  Veronika saw Sajid standing in the shadows in 2019 when she saw Boris as our next Prime Minister.  The order of events hasn’t yet been fully revealed.

  4. As will be clear, my heart is for care of the vulnerable, disabled and elderly.  The ‘iron lady’ made us a nation who would ‘sell their granny’ for profit.  She brought in business managers to the NHS, which started the decline in standards to health care. Also elevated the charity sector, again so that greedy CEO’s and business people are well paid, while the work is low paid and often carried out by unskilled people. The care sector employed people from the EU who could not speak English. It is pure greed and criminal neglect.  This was part of the reason I voted for Brexit. I did not want to be aligned to a continent who exterminated the elderly and disabled in pursuit of a ‘perfect race’.  This is quite a good article from a website supporting Scottish Nationalism. https://yoursforscotlandcom.wordpress.com/2021/03/28/charity-begins-at-home/
    Unfortunately, I see the same ‘spirit’ in churches now, who are run as businesses. What starts as a service or ministry, turns quickly into something marketable to sell.  e.g. one ‘christian’ (during lockdown) had the bright idea that taking their children into a care home would brighten the residents day, and then decided to start a ‘charity’, whereby care homes could pay for the privilege of the pleasure of their children’s company! Disgusting ignorance!

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