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  1. There are prophetic numbers and prophetic signs in the sky. Three rainbows connected to Queen’s funeral.
    Thankyou Veronica
    Praise the I AM.

  2. So crazy!! I was just thinking and meditating on Him when the thought came to me, ‘He will reign completely upon His Earth!!’  But who is His Queen…WE ARE!!!! We are the Bride of Christ. He is the Heir to the Throne. Hmmm…we are Coheirs with Him upon His Throne. We ARE the Queen
    Today I was listening to a lady. She mentioned that written in the Word is the Proverb that when evil rules all are miserable, but when the Righteous rule the land is glad. I said, “Lord we truly need Righteous Rulers!!” He said exactly this, “Oh, there will be.” At that very moment I looked at the clock…it was 12:12pm!!! Brace yourselves, He’s stepping in and taking His Rightful Place!!
    God’s blessings Veronika!! :)

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