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  1. ZION

    She’s a place of consecration
    Engraved upon her Lover’s Hands
    An inclination of the heart
    That burns for Him alone
    Her desire is His Presence
    For Whom her heart and mind doth yearn
    To dwell with Him within the Fire
    In which all wood hay and stubble is consumed
    She leans upon her Lover
    And comes up from the wilderness
    She’s a terrible army with banners
    Led by none but the One she loves
    She’s Mercy triumphing over judgement
    Walking in a Glory that is yet to be seen
    She was born to bring in the harvest
    And be the eternal Fire bride of the King

  2. Hi Veronica, of course I cannot speak specifically about this attack but we must be aware of that we live in a world filled with lies and that there are a lot of ‘psy-ops’ going on . This is not easy to discern without diligently examine these things but for example very often the same ‘actors’ appears on the scene.


    Angels ascending and descending
    Upon the Son of man
    Coming and going to the Glory
    That only the Father can Command
    The nearer to the Throne one gets
    The more intense the Fire becomes
    A Throne that is Founded on Righteousness and Justice
    A Throne that is the Sum
    Of all Wisdom Knowledge and Understanding
    Counsel Might and Fear of the Lord too
    From which the Army of Angels are dispatched
    To the Bride so Faithful and True


    The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence
    And the violent take it by Force
    A terrible Army With Banners
    About to run her course
    She’ll come with a Rod to Establish
    The Father’s Heart Desires
    She’ll be less than very well disposed
    Towards all those busy strange fires
    She’ll pray according to His Will
    And knows that she’ll be Heard
    For she’ll be Clothed and Possessed
    By the Eternal Living Word

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