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UK Urgent: Call to Pray for P.M. Boris Johnson! — 13 Comments

  1. Father God, we claim full healing over Prime Minister Boris Johnson. We thank you for what your doing in and through him and pray protection over his family.

  2. Lord Jesus,I pray that you heal Boris Johnson and keep his family safe. Father, I ask for your mercy and grace in Jesus name. I plead the blood of Jesus over Boris and his family in Jesus name.  ALLELUIA!!!

  3. felt the Lord showing me that the covid-19 deaths are also regarded by us as inconvenient deaths because of the sense that are concentrated in time, causing a strain on the health service and thereby disrupting our normal lives. But there are also what may be regarded as the convenient deaths of abortion, which are regarded as a solution rather than as a problem, since pregnancy and child-bearing are also seen as disruptions to everyday life. 

    I do not believe that this virus has been sent by God, although it has, of course, been allowed by Him.  But, how can we pray for the Lord to put an end to these “inconvenient” deaths if we are not equally concerned with the continued practice of the “convenient” deaths? Are we praying for our own convenience or for preserving life in both its pre-birth and post-birth forms? 

    I believe a key to ending the covid-19 virus is to double down on our efforts to pray against the ongoing practice of abortion. This also includes praying for those who determine national legislation on this matter of abortion, namely, our national leaders. 

    I feel there is a pressing need to pray for the souls of both Boris Johnson and of Prince Charles, especially as we know that they each now have the covid-19 virus. They need to be covered by the Blood of Jesus, and – as for all of us – personal repentance is a requirement for salvation.

  4. Lord standing in agreement with my Brothers and Sister in Christ for Protection over Boris Johnson and His family in JESUS NAME. amen

  5. Father, bring to Him Your Finger of healing.  Your power hidden in Your Hands to flash forth anddestroy the cryptid.  Calling forth Your ministering angels to hover guarding his lives his family, Your Crown oh Lord is Better. Health, revival to him. Glory to God who I ask to, and who is able to do more, than I can hope or imagine.  I shield him by the power of His name, through the blood of the Lamb, who is the Savior of the world, which cries out.  I apply the perfect shed blood of the Lamb spiritually to the doorposts and lintels of his home.  I ask He who became a curse for us to shelter as a strong high tower for Boris’s family.  Let any olive oil they ingest be infused with Your healing mighty power, let it be a powerful medicine to retore their ways, their heart, their health to Your ways, Your heart Your health, that their days be long and they accomplish Your good will on earth. in Christ, who has risen, amen.

  6. Father God I bring BJ and his family before Your throne. Lord I ask that You would send Your Mighty Army to cover him and his family. I pray the Blood of Jesus over his body,life and his family. When the spirit of death saw the Blood it passed over. Father we are coming into a time of Passover and I believe that this will Passover BJ.
    Jesus show our PM who You are. Thank you for Your protection. In the Mighty Name of Jesus

  7. Gracious Father, together with my brothers & sisters in Christ, I bring Boris Johnson & his family before your heavenly courts to plead the blood of Jesus over them. I claim your divine protection according to Isaiah 54:17 that no weapon forged against them will prevail & John 11:4 that this sickness will not end in death…..it is fo God’s glory. I pray for your powerful protection & healing for him. In Jesus Mighty Name.

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