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Just One Drop From The Finger of God! — Prophetic Interpretation — 4 Comments

  1. THE LORD GOD always referred to covid 19 as a PLAGUE. And HE also said it was “man made”, but HE WOULD ALLOW this plague to circle the earth. This plague would cause many of HIS PEOPLE to REPENT & TURN from their wickedness. He also stated that this plague would CONTINUE UNTIL THE LORD GOD says, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH & HE WOULD STAY HIS HAND” 2 SAMUEL 24:16 ….. THEN THE PLAGUE WOULD CEASE…

  2. Hello, Veronika!  I used to follow your Facebook page and regularly share your posts.  Then I shared your post a few months ago about climate change, and then your Facebook page disappeared Completely and since then you don’t exist on Facebook. I thought you were banned from Facebook, but here you’re saying to comment on your Facebook post.  Do you still have an active page?  How come I’m not able to access it?

  3. Dear Veronika, well after 20 years of Bible College, Ministry, Being Ordained, I still have trouble understanding interpretations like this one.  Lots of words, symbolisms, but nothing really said.  I feel prophets need to translate to the saints in words and understanding they can relate to.. many don’t go into the courts of heaven, or have angelic encounters or revelations, so interpretations such as above are just too symbolic to understand what the actual message is.  This is fine for one prophet to another, but as these posts of His Kingdom Prophecy are meant for the saints, they need to said in more layman terms. God does nothing before telling the Prophets first, but then the prophets need to tell the saints what God is doing.. in a language they understand.  Sent with love and blessings AMEN

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