Understanding: the missing Link


In humility, I challenge you to read all the scriptures in our sacred texts, that have the word “understanding” in them.  I am literally astounded, at just how many times it’s used. [134 in OT, 22 in NT, KJV]

Too many, it seems, have become wise in their own eyes; and they feel justified that they have all the right answers.  For years, many of us have sought after wisdom and knowledge; and many for the right reasons.  Studying the Word, prayer and fasting, brings us closer to the One who has all Wisdom.

But yet, we lack understanding.  One might refute this if they want, but as you read the Word, you’ll see that this term is used alongside wisdom and knowledge.

We are to also pray for understanding  (Colossians 1:9).  When appearing to his disciples after He arose, Jesus had to “open their understanding,” that they might understand the scriptures.  It seems strange to think, that after all the time they spent with Him, after He gave them power to do miracles, and hearing the things He taught, they didn’t understand what it was really all about.  Even as He taught the multitudes and those in the Temple, after his sermon was over, his disciples would call him to the side in private.  And they would ask Him, what in the world were you talking about.  Explain it.

Luke wrote the book of Acts; why not the others?  It was because he had a “perfect understanding” of everything that had happened with Jesus Christ; from the Old Testament prophets, all the way to the end of the Acts of the Apostles.  That kind of understanding, could only have come from God.

We can have all the knowledge in the world, we can also have great wisdom in many things, but not have the understanding of what it is truly all about, or know how to use it; and when.  I never realized, that Paul made this comment to Timothy: “and the Lord will give thee understanding, in ALL things”  (2 Timothy 2:7).   One writer says “full insight.”  Understanding, comes from the Holy Ghost.  Unless the Spirit teaches, there is no real understanding.

I looked for the definition of this word, understanding.  There are many; but, there is one that leapt out at me.  It’s “discernment.”  Dear friends and family, this is why I can’t understand why saints, and ministers alike, would not seek to follow the leading of the Holy Ghost.

We have learned about well known leaders who are following the ways of men, because they have stopped seeking to do, what only the Spirit wants to do.  Without true understanding, we are lost, and we are left to figure things out on our own.

I sense today, that even church folk no longer like the term “the deeper things of the Spirit.”  Surface things, have become popular among many.

In this final hour, we are not going to survive things that are coming our way, unless we have a true understanding of what we are dealing with, and how to interact with it.  I realize today: This is not for those who do not want to hear.  It is for those who do.  Our own discernment, will not go far in the heat that’s growing in intensity.  It is only Spiritual discernment, that will let us know; what is good, and what is bad.

The more we seek the Holy Ghost and walk in that realm, the more we will know.  Every time we open up our Bible to read, the first thing we should do is ask God to open up our understanding of His Word.  Only then, will we have the fullness we need.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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