Unfurling Love!


An old hymn was going through my mind….. “There is love vast as the ocean,” were the words.  The still small voice said ‘unfurling love’.

“I AM coming on the wings of the cold winter wind, and I AM blowing on My garden of renown.  I AM blowing a cool Northern wind that will replenish My people, and destroy the bondages.

And as this wind blows, another right behind it, from the south, just as one storm follows another.  This Kingdom wind will blow despite all the violence in the world, and overtake those who are mine, and those who are called elect.

As it is unfurled, your hearts will be revived, and replenished with hope and love to the degree, you will once again find worship easy, and flowing with it, My presence will overtake you and transform you, no matter how much you have gone through, no matter how many mistakes you feel you’ve made, because My grace is greater than all the opposition that has surrounded and even overcome many.

The Spirit of Elijah is being loosed, and families will be transformed.  Grown children will forgive and be drawn back into your arms, and also into My arms.  I AM a good Father, who gives good gifts to My children.  Thus will I restore, and restore, and restore many many hearts this Christmas and in the new year.  It has actually already begun in small circles, but the ripples will cause an outpouring that will overtake neighborhoods, towns, cities, and provinces/counties all over the world.

This is NOT just a fading wind of My Spirit.  It is MY KINGDOM WIND, and it will not be abated, for I have a harvest to reap, before the great and terrible day of the Lord that will come beyond it.  The earth will be covered with the knowledge of the Lord from sea to shining sea.  The strongholds that have been so hard to break in the past will fall down. Just as Gideon tore down the statue in the darkness of night, will My Gideons destroy the enemy forces that have brought darkness to this world.

Many angelic hosts have been being loosed, and now even more to contend with that which has been opposing and contending with you.

Why do the nations rage and the people plot vain things I have said?  They think I will do nothing.  The enemy has been wearing down the saints, but I have a great resuscitation in mind.  And My will is above anything he can do. He has an end times army, but I have angels I have reserved for the day of MY POWER as well.  They are now being loosed to bring My Kingdom to the earth and startling and amazing miracles will abound.

Do not think that there is anyone I cannot touch.  But know that you need to depend on ME, for who to speak to, who to pray with, who to touch. BE VERY DEPENDENT on Me.  Ask Me, and you will hear My voice behind you, saying do this, or do that, for I AM EMMANUEL, God with you.  Follow My lead beloveds.  This is not a time to be independent.

Be dependent, like a child on your heavenly Father, listen for My lead.  You will avoid many traps of the enemy that he has planned if you will be MORE dependent on Me.  I know his “end times game plan”.  I know every strategy.  So go into your closet and seek My face, and I will release to you all you need to know.

I have many conduits of My grace I am loosing in this hour who have endured great discomforts, pain and shaming, rejection and cruelties, whom I will use to subdue the proud and arrogant in heart.  You cannot be defensive and prideful if you want to be in this army.  I AM YOUR DEFENSE.  I AM YOUR MA GEE NEE!  I AM YOUR STRONG TOWER.  RUN TO ME, and I will supply your every need.  Do NOT think to squander blessings on selfish gain because I AM correcting that characteristic in others who’ve gone before you as I come.

You will have all you need to do what I’ve given you to do.  But the abundance I pour out is to bless others beaten down, and not just yourselves.  I will remove the candlestick for those who refuse to care for the poor around them, yet take in tithes and offerings, without using them for those in need.

Behold I do a NEW THING, it will spring forth suddenly!  You will look back in wonder at what I have done.  Rejoice NOW, REJOICE even in your sufferings, and rejoice in all circumstances to quench the drone of the enemy’s taunts and harassment.  Realize that I AM LOVE, and I will love you forever.  I will now ARISE and nothing will be the same.  Darkness is arising, but My Light in you will drive back darkness!  Ask and you will receive, knock and the door will be opened.  My manifest love will overtake you and every chain you have tried to loose on your own, will be broken and your soul will find it’s rest in ME.”


~ Priscilla

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