Urgent Prayer for President Donald J. Trump


Last night I received literally hundreds of links to a word from Lance Wallnau concerning a Prophetic Earning that came from the president himself…!

In light of this recent development, many have asked me to share again the Word I received in the month of June 2018, about the “Bull and Matador”!

When I initially shared that Word, I recall many hate-mails and emails telling me to stop speaking lies and stop speaking death over the Nation of America.

At the time, many also told me that I must have received the wrong interpretation of the vision, however as I took these things to the Father, He told me to stand my ground and to trust that all things would be revealed in time.

Now as I listened to the latest Word from Lance Wallnau, I was moved to tears concerning the President and the Nation of America.

If only the Church could:

Put aside and repent of their petty differences,

Put aside and repent of their relentless and demonic accusations of one another,

Put aside and repent of their doubt, fear and unbelief,

Put aside and repent of their pride and arrogance,

Put aside and repent of their hypocrisy and religious spirits,

…. and if only they could come together in love, unity and in the power of agreement then the Hand of God could be fully released to perform “great and mighty miracles in the land!

Friends, would you please stand with me today, as I cry out for President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America.

Stand with me to pray for his divine protection and preservation.

Pray that the double portion anointing of Jehu (Jehu / Jehoshaphat) would begin to manifest over the land; as released in this recent Word from The LORD:  An Urgent Word Concerning Trump and The USA.


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The following is a re-post here of the above mentioned “Bull and Matador” Word:

Urgent Word for the United States of America!

Posted on June 2, 2018 by Veronika West

Watch and pray, for there will be a greater acceleration in attempts by the enemy to abort the assignment of The Trump Administration over the next 5 months…!

In the early hours of this morning, I was woken by an urgency to pray for the Nation of America and for President Donald Trump.

As I began to intercede, about 30 minutes into praying for the Nation, a powerful vision opened up to me.

This is what I saw…..

I found myself standing high above what looked like an ancient coliseum like the one you would see in the great City of Rome.

Now as I stayed, watching in the Vision, I could hear the sound of trumpets blowing and drums beating in the distance.

I could see hundreds, if not thousands of people, standing in the balconies of the coliseum.

The atmosphere was very intense and I knew instinctively that I was about to witness a “bullfight” unfold before me.

Suddenly the vision shifted slightly and I heard again the sound of trumpets being blown.  Then I saw a large bull run into the arena.

As the bull appeared, the crowds began to roar with laughter, shouting and screaming as the agitated beast ran back and forth in the ring.

Then I saw a matador step into the arena greeting the bull with a series of manoeuvres and in his hand he held a large red cape, which he began to swing in front of the bull.

I watched intently as the bull instinctively charged towards the red cape each time it was lifted high into the air.

Now as I kept watching and listening in the Vision, suddenly I heard the sound of drums beating again and out of the corner of the coliseum came a number of picadors bearing lances and on mounted horses they were dressed in black with their faces fully covered.

I watched as the picadors rode round and round the ring, circling the agitated bull which was now frothing at the mouth, tired and weary the tormented beast ran back and forth, and back and forth in the ring.

Then I watched as the picadors began their violent assault upon the poor creature, throwing and thrusting their sharpened lances into the side of the bull.

I listened as the large beast would give out a loud cry every time a lance would strike its side.

Then I watched as the bull began to weaken quickly, bleeding profusely from the deep wounds inflicted upon its body.

Suddenly the bull fell to its knees now depleted of all its strength and power the bull lay motionless and helpless on the ground.

The crowds began to roar again in laughter, cheering, shouting and calling for the matador to inflict the final death blow to the heart of the bull.

As I remained watching in the Vision, I saw the matador draw a large sword from his side and he drove it between the shoulders blades of the bull, killing it.

The crowds cheered once more screaming loudly as the matador lifted his bloodied arm shouting, “VICTORY”!  (The Vision Ended)

Now as I came out of the vision I felt physically shaken to the core.  I felt a deep urgency to begin to pray fervently for President Donald Trump.

As I began to pray for understanding and revelation concerning the vision the Holy Spirit revealed the following to me:

The Coliseum I saw in the Vision represented the White House.

The large Bull represented President Donald Trump.

The matador represented the Democratic Party.

The people standing in the balconies of the coliseum represented those who are opposed to the plans and purposes of God in the Nation and,

The picadors represented the Liberal Media.

Now as I have prayed and as I have been lead to pray concerning this vision, the Holy Spirit began to show me that over the next 5 months there will be a greater acceleration in attempts by the enemy to abort the assignment of the Trump administration.

( Interestingly, I read today that Bull fighting Season usually begins in June and runs over 5 months, June-October, each year. )

The Holy Spirit showed me that there are a number of key leaders in the Democratic Party who are working together tirelessly.  Even now, they are meeting in secret locations with Liberal Media Networks planning, scheming and strategising on how to undermine President Donald Trump’s authority and how they can discredit and destroy his reputation.

The liberal Media have sharpened their lances and with the help of some key leaders in the Democratic Party, their goal and aim is to weary, weaken and to ultimately destroy the President and the incredible work he and his Administration are desperately trying to achieve for the good of the whole Nation.

I have seen again today that there will be an increase in attempts to assassinate the President over the next 5 months.

I felt a heavy pressing upon my heart to pray for God’s divine protection and preservation over the Vice President and his family, the Trump family, and all those that are working closely with the President at this time.

In closing, I was deeply concerned about seeing the bull being killed and the matador claiming great Victory in the last part of the vision.

As I began to speak to the Father about this, He spoke so clearly to my heart.

He warned me that unless the Body of Christ remains vigilant, always watching and praying for President Trump and the whole Administration, there will be an abortion of assignment.

He showed me clearly that there is a battle that is raging day and night, over the birthright and destiny of the nation.

There can be no room for passivity, complacency or disunity in the church.

The Body of Christ must arise in power and authority and stand together in one accord if The Trump Administration is to be victorious in this violent battle.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Urgent Prayer for President Donald J. Trump — 4 Comments

  1. Halleluyah Yahushyah! Thank you for the prophetic word Veronika. Yah bless.

  2. Good morning Veronika,
    I pray for President Trump and his families protection daily so yes I will join you and everyone under the authority of Jesus Christ. Have a great day.


  3. Although I am not an American, I do pray daily for Mr Trump and his administration as I have great respect for him and very much support what he is doing in America.  Many of us in the U.K. are doing the same.

  4. Thank you, Veronika, for sharing this.  I am another from the UK, praying regularly for Donald Trump, for his protection, and for the fulfilment of God’s purposes through him.  If those in the church would rather stay in Babylon than pray for this Cyrus, then may God, out of the stones, raise up new children for Abraham!