Urgent Prayer for President Donald J. Trump — 4 Comments

  1. Halleluyah Yahushyah! Thank you for the prophetic word Veronika. Yah bless.

  2. Good morning Veronika,
    I pray for President Trump and his families protection daily so yes I will join you and everyone under the authority of Jesus Christ. Have a great day.


  3. Although I am not an American, I do pray daily for Mr Trump and his administration as I have great respect for him and very much support what he is doing in America.  Many of us in the U.K. are doing the same.

  4. Thank you, Veronika, for sharing this.  I am another from the UK, praying regularly for Donald Trump, for his protection, and for the fulfilment of God’s purposes through him.  If those in the church would rather stay in Babylon than pray for this Cyrus, then may God, out of the stones, raise up new children for Abraham!