Urgent Prophetic Warning to America!


Listen!  Be watching, be alert and be ready to move as the Spirit directs.

This evening I heard the spirit say, “Daughter tell My people it has already begun in the nation of Australia.  Watch!  For the fires of heaven shall fall upon this nation, the ground will shift, the waters of the sea will lift and the wicked shall shake and tremble at the sight of My suddenly.”

Watch!! Just as I turned the eyes of all nations towards the nation of the United Kingdom, so shall I turn the eyes of all nations towards the land of America in this hour“,  says God.

“Yes!  Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard and minds have not conceived what I AM about to do in this prodigal nation, for now My governing hand of justice and judgement will move swiftly upon the land and upon the waters of the sea.

Even the birds of the air and the animals that walk upon the land will become silent and awestruck by how My spirit will suddenly move, for surely I tell you, I AM will act quickly and violently against the powerful forces of darkness in the land, only the foolish will be caught unaware and unprepared.

Listen!  For the voice of My prophets will now begin to rise up in the land and they shall warn of impending danger and the wave of devastation that is to come, but I say to you My beloved fear not, for I AM in the wind, I AM in the waters and I AM in the fire”, says God.

“Watch!  As My Spirit of might and power now moves mightily to overturn and over throw every throne of wickedness and witchcraft that has been established in this sacred land.

Watch!  For I shall cause the earth to shake, the ground to quake and the waters of the sea shall be stirred up, and the waters of the sea will rise, rise, rise and wave after wave of My wrath and fury shall break forth upon the land, for the waters shall come to cleanse, the fires shall come to purify and the winds shall come to gather in a great harvest,”  says God.

“See!  I sit in the heavens and I laugh at the words and works of the foolish, for there are those that have gathered together in one accord and they have said,  “Let us rebuild the temple of Baal, let us prepare a sacrifice and worship another god.”

Surely I tell you. nothing is hidden from My sight, but be assured My beloved I have heard your cries for vindication and redemption.

Watch!  As My Spirit of Truth now moves to expose and render powerless and ineffective every plan, purpose and secret weapon of the enemy that has sought to rob, kill and destroy.

Watch!  As mighty waves break forth upon the land, the filthy works of corruption and deception that has occupied the seat of government in this nation will be washed away.  In the twinkling of an eye I shall destroy the works of the wicked one and bring to justice those that have killed the unborn and those that have violated the covenant of marriage in this nation,” says God.

“Watch, listen and be ready, for now it is time to go up to higher ground, it is time to seek refuge and safety under the shadow of the almighty, watch!

In this season you shall see wave after wave of My wrath and fury going forth across the land even the landscape of this great nation shall be rearranged, realigned and reshaped,” says God

“Watch!  As I cause the wicked one to flee in terror, watch!  As the ungodly tremble in reverent fear, I shall bring down the prideful and the arrogant and they will bow down low to the king of glory, the maker of heaven and earth.

Watch!  For those that have stood in valley of decision will suddenly cry out with a loud voice to be saved from the fast rising waters, and in My great mercy and compassion I will hear and I will answer to them.  Even in the midst of their distress and despair I shall deliver them.

Now lift up your eyes for a great light is dawning upon this nation and the wind of My spirit is now moving upon the threshing floor separating the wheat from the chaff,” says God.

“My beloved fear not, for I AM moving mightily in the midst of this great shaking, stand strong and remain steadfast unwavering in your faith.  Do not despair, for My restoration power will rebuild and revive and you shall rise up stronger, mightier and greater than ever before and the nations of the earth shall be drawn to the brightness of your rising.

Fear not for I will never, never leave nor forsake the righteous, but now in this hour and season I come suddenly and swiftly to render a guilty verdict over the works of the evil one, the sound of the gavel of My justice shall be heard across this land, for I AM raising up a new standard and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Watch!  For in this hour My all sufficient grace and mercy will be poured out upon My people and the power of justice and vindication will go forth to cleanse and purify the land.  The righteous will cry out these are the days of Elijah, but the wicked will cry out these are the days of Noah and they shall look for a way of escape but find none,”  says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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