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Spiritual Weapons of the Bible — 2 Comments

  1. These are the 5 (Grace) Spiritual Weapons available to apply, use: the Word, the Blood applied, Our Faith, the Name of Jesus and Prayer/Praise/Worship as we daily put on the Armor of God…Ephes. 6

  2. Sister,
    Only obedience and dying from self – any trust in one’s own capability – is needed.
    Until this is done the enemy will only play games with the believer because one does not have any need of to “identify”
    the attacking spirit. There is only one spiritual enemy
    and that is the spirit of disobedience and that
    one’s name is Satan and he lives inside ourselves and can be defeated only by crucifying of all our flesh and self dependence.

    When the believers comes to the deep revelation of that Satan dwells inside us than the victory is almost finished.
    And only when he is casted out from our minds and body our spirit can (through the renewed mind) truly confess that Jesus is Lord.

    “IN THIS know ye the Spirit of God, every spirit that doth confess Jesus Christ in the flesh having come, of God it is,
    1John 4:2

    “because ye are strong , and THE WORD of God IN YOU doth remain, and ye have (through perfect obedience) overcome the evil (in you).1John 2:14

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