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Vision of a Silver Fork Flipped Away — 1 Comment

  1. I am surprised and thankful for what the LORD now brings to the light.
    Some of my brothers and sisters at HKP get clear dreams from the LORD who is sending for my vindication.
    The newest attacks from the stalkers in my private rooms: Hairs in the drawer. X crossed spoons knives and FORKS and twisting dishes in cupboards, holes and hairs on my clean bed and laundry etc.
    Beside all the noises behind and in the walls and furnitures and computer. 
    Theresa had a clear vision a few days ago, what they, the hidden strategics and operators, have done against me (article: lady on the bed, surrounded by evil wires).
    So this forks dream is not a funny meaningless dream.
    My LORD, my SAVIOUR, my REDEEMER will judge all those life-dignity-reputation-character-joy-health-success killers – HE surely will throw their forks & knives around…. and He will shake the ground!
    Then the stolen silver, gold and diamonds will be handed over to the poor.

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