God is Love


“As you have joined your heart with Mine, I have anointed you with My Spirit and given you the wisdom and knowledge and understanding that you have longed for,” says the LORD.

“I will beautify you with My Salvation and clothe you with My glory that will be seen on you.

My face will shine upon you, and you will be in My radiant presence.

I will draw you close to Me so that you can feel My breath on you, and hear My heartbeat,” says the Lord.

“My love for you is everlasting and undefeatable,” says the LORD.

“It is a fire that cannot be quenched.  I will pour out My love upon you, that knows no bounds.  Fellowship with you is what I long for.

Come and receive My love, as I comfort you on every side.  I will sing My love songs to you, and you will hear My still, small voice within that will reassure you of My presence, and My unimpeachable love for you.

I have given you My best gifts and will renew your strength, as you lean upon Me and let Me pour into you fresh, new life,” says the LORD.


~ June Sheltrown Reinke

June Sheltrown ReinkeDr. June Sheltrown Reinke is a prophetic pastor, evangelist and teacher.  She has been the senior pastor of Faith Fellowship Ministries in Florida since 1988.  She has ministered in the prophetic to individuals and corporate groups for decades.

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God is Love — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for the tools you send for all to receive.
    I had a vision some time ago. I was in a group and we were being accused from all sides. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit fell upon us and we began to laugh at the accuser.
    After some time unstoppable and joyful laughing, we realized that we were being healed in the process :-)
    I had another vision. I was in a smaller group. It looked like that one of us had been accused, as one of us was trying to comfort one in the group. We were waiting for the phone to ring and give us a verdict.
    The phone rang and I took it, there was no word in the answer, only joyful laughter.
    We understood the meaning and began to laugh ourselves. The visions were for us at the time, but to be spread out now because…
    I have now received a vision I have been waiting for. I previously had a vision of food that was defiled in the inside and spread out and could not be taken away except with the blood of Christ.
    It has been long time. I now saw a packed lunch and I opened it. It looked delicious so I had a taste and it was in fact delicious.
    I believe that the Lord is giving divine food in abundance for all to receive in the time to come.
    Receive the wonderful tool of laughter with thankfulness to our loving God.
    And. Remember, there is only one accuser of the brethren, so we laugh at him when the tool is given and in time.
    May God bless Israel and all who fear Him.
    Lucia Ludvigsen