Wait For It!


“Wait For It” . . .  A thing was revealed unto Daniel.  And the thing was true, but the time appointed, was long.  It’s one thing, for God to show us things; it is yet another, when the thing we are being shown, is for another time.  I feel our trust issue, becomes even more intense, when it’s something we cannot reveal to anyone else; at least for the time being.  It can be a real burden to be told to hang on to something, until it’s time to reveal it.

Another writer was told the same thing: Habakkuk’s word said this, “for the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie”  Habakkuk 2:3.  There was an indication to this prophet, that the time may be very long indeed; but, not to give up, even though it seemed so long.  He was told, to wait for it. It would not tarry forever.  One day, this vision would come true, just as it had been spoken to him. In God’s timing, it would come to pass.

Many of us, are seeing visions, even now.  I can assure you, that some things, seem absolutely impossible.  Why do I know people are seeing such visions today?  Because Joel said, in the last days, that we would.  There are many things that were prophesied in God’s word about this time we are living in now.  And, if we are watching and listening, they are coming to pass, even as we speak.  I don’t think anyone with any kind of heart, can say that we are not living in a time of great sorrow, just as Jesus Christ said we would be.  God help us, if it really is only the beginning of things.

The Spirit speaks things to people; just as He did to these two prophets mentioned above.  For some of us, it was many years ago now.  Many of us, are just now beginning to see, that so many things that have happened and transpired in our lives, has been to prepare us for what we were told.  I feel that people will have to decide, one way or the other, if they believe that there will be an even greater outpouring of the Spirit, in these last days.  It just seems to me, that if there is to be a devastating release of evil power now, there would be an even greater release of Holy Ghost power.

We are going to have to wait a while longer.  We don’t know what all God has arranged, and the order in which it is to happen.  Can’t we see, that this is why we must stay totally in tune with the Holy Ghost.  We have been given much; if we attempt to use it before the time is perfectly right, it will have less or no impact.  The Spirit, has not equipped men and women, or given them visions, for no reason.  We must keep our eyes open, and know that many things can change very quickly on Earth’s stage.  Just as those prophets of old did, stay on your face before Him.  It will not tarry long now.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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