Walk in My Strength, says The LORD


Walk in My strength, says the LORD.  For you cannot stand in your own.

I will take you by My own right hand and keep you from falling.  I will keep you steady on your feet and cause you not to stumble.  I AM with you to secure you, to support you, to strengthen you and help you, says the LORD.

Do not walk in your own wisdom, for it will utterly fail.  I AM the all-wise GOD, and will give you wisdom from above that is superior to any other.  TRUST in ME rather than what you know or what you can do.

Do not lean on the fallible wisdom of others, for it will come up short of your need.  I never fall short of solutions for your complex problems, says the LORD.

Do NOT lean upon your own understanding.  Lean on ME!

Nothing stumps me.  I do not want you to walk in circles, pace back and forth and spend many sleepless nights pouring over potential solutions for your difficulties.  I have the answers.

I AM the answer.  I WILL answer you as you rest in ME!  Let Me work in your life and do the unthinkable! I WILL, says the LORD.

You did not create the universe.  You did not create the earth.  IT does not belong to you.  I created all things that you see and all things that you know NOTHING about.

I see what you cannot see, and KNOW what you do not know.  Everything is within My sight and nothing is beyond My power to affect and control and change.

I AM UNLIMITED in power and you can LEAN UPON ME!  Rest your head upon My strong shoulders and take a big sign of relief, knowing that I AM with you to comfort you, to help you, to give you abiding peace and to take care of ALL YOUR NEED!

You are MY beloved child, and I WILL provide for you.  I WILL protect you.  I WILL intervene for you!  I will hold you up, guide you with My eye, and give you the desires of your heart as you TRUST IN ME and rest in My care for you.

I will NOT fail you.  You can depend upon My love and presence and power in your life!

Will you stop fretting and rest in ME and let Me handle things for you?

I will renew your strength as you wait on ME, for burn-out is not what I intend for you.  I want you to trust in Me and rest in My care for you at ALL TIME, says the LORD, your strength.


~ June Sheltrown Reinke

June Sheltrown ReinkeDr. June Sheltrown Reinke is a prophetic pastor, evangelist and teacher.  She has been the senior pastor of Faith Fellowship Ministries in Florida since 1988.  She has ministered in the prophetic to individuals and corporate groups for decades.

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Walk in My Strength, says The LORD — 1 Comment

  1. Amen, Ok Father God, nevertheless this I will do, for I trust in you. I rest in you, knowing everyhing is in your care, for you care for me. No more fretting, I will let you handle what needs to be handle Father God, you are so awesome, you tend to make me laugh at your words, just now, Stop Fretting ! you surly knows all, you are my guide, my protector, myAll in All, and I love you ever so much. I rejoice in you. I honor your words spoken highly this day. I thank you for taking care of all my needs, this day. I thank you for intervening on my behalf. I thank you for your words spoken to Apostle Geraldine Fisher, for it is always speaks your words into my spirit, always uplifting, to the point so accurate. Bless her Father God, keep her as the apple of your eyes. I’m refreshed in you daily, your words brings life to me, joy,comfort, it sets the pace for me, for I am an overcomer abounding in love, greater love for you, and your people. I love you evermore. Thank you once again for speaking this day into my heart. Amen !