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Walk in My Strength, says The LORD — 1 Comment

  1. Amen, Ok Father God, nevertheless this I will do, for I trust in you. I rest in you, knowing everyhing is in your care, for you care for me. No more fretting, I will let you handle what needs to be handle Father God, you are so awesome, you tend to make me laugh at your words, just now, Stop Fretting ! you surly knows all, you are my guide, my protector, myAll in All, and I love you ever so much. I rejoice in you. I honor your words spoken highly this day. I thank you for taking care of all my needs, this day. I thank you for intervening on my behalf. I thank you for your words spoken to Apostle Geraldine Fisher, for it is always speaks your words into my spirit, always uplifting, to the point so accurate. Bless her Father God, keep her as the apple of your eyes. I’m refreshed in you daily, your words brings life to me, joy,comfort, it sets the pace for me, for I am an overcomer abounding in love, greater love for you, and your people. I love you evermore. Thank you once again for speaking this day into my heart. Amen !

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