Warfare Strategy on Curses

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Silent prayers versus Confrontation

Silent prayers are sometimes better than a violent confrontation.  There are times when you can only pray silently, because the person you are praying for, their spirit is not at peace enough for you to minister to them at that time.

Sometime you have to intercede before The LORD asking Him to break the stony ground of their heart and to prepare their mind and spirit to receive the prayers and word that our for them through you.

There are times when I was not received, because I moved in compassion, rather than the timing of God.  Many times, when you are close to a person, you have to step back and let God either soften them, because if they know you they tend to reject what you say, or lash out at you because they angry, or ask God to put someone in their path whom they can receive.

It’s not always time to open your mouth, but there are times when you just have to pray without announcing you’re praying!

Closeness and Intimacy

The closer you get to God the more intimate your relationship becomes and the more sacrifice will be made as your consecration becomes more deeper.  

As you draw nearer to Him, it seems the more isolated you become and the less foolishness you are willing to deal with.  Many people become offended at your level of commitment that you have formed with The LORD because it seems you are obsessed with being in His presence.

The hunger for more is so overwhelming you find yourself cutting off phones and shutting yourself away to be fed with His wisdom and revelation.  The thirst pulls you into the throne room to draw on His Spirit obtaining all of Him that is released to you.

I’m feeling so much joy today because of the great thing that is going on!  Being empowered equipped and elevated!

Warfare Strategy on Curses

You cannot allow a word curse to go unchallenged in the spirit realm.

You have to counterattack what has been spoken about you, to you, and over you.  Never let a word that is opposite of God’s word, keep living in the atmosphere.  Don’t allow anybody to speak damnation over your life.

God told me to go into the atmosphere and in the spirit and break apart destroy annihilate every curse and evil word that was spoken against me through prayers chants spells curses decreed written typed transmitted through electronic devises.

So often we pray for the symptoms of what we are dealing with but we have to get to the cause of it.  If we not careful, we will find ourselves unknowingly coming into agreement with curses that have been spoken.  Even things that people have spoke that they said they were joking.

Those words, even if they are from your childhood, are yet alive in the atmosphere and they must be spiritually challenged in warfare and destroyed.

Remembers, words have life in them and when loosed in the atmosphere they remain alive effecting your life sometimes for years.  You have to close the door that was open also in your life that gave the leeway for the harvest from those words to produce.  It’s important that we don’t let those words reproduce in our lives.

I have been sitting down today as God has been dealing with me and speaking and reminding me of words people have spoke in anger against me.  I tell you, I have been on memory lane and God is taking me back and revealing to me about certain things people have spoken.

I realized some of these persons have been practicing spell casting and curse loosing for awhile.  We around here talking about pigs in the parlor when we been in agreement with witches warlocks and workers in our own connections because we let them speak evil over us and never challenge those curses just because they said they were sorry.

I’m yet allowing The LORD to reveal to me why some things have happen who spoke what were it came from and what door was open in my life that allow the curse to be able to manifest and perform.  It’s not enough to just pray against what has manifested we have to go after the words that were released.

I told you this next move of God in your life is so serious until God is purging removing and eliminating everything that will be a hindrance to your shift change elevation move breakthrough.  This one is so important until He will absolutely have His way by any means necessary.  I just paused to share this getting back to my cleanup list of curse and damnable words!


To all armor-bearers intercessors prayer warriors assistants etc:

It does not matter if you are disgruntled, wounded, or hurt when you leave a ministry or stop working with a leader, you are yet who God called you to be, and anointed you for, which means, just because you are upset, angry, frustrated, or hurt you, you don’t have the right to uncover the nakedness (flaws in them or the ministry that they trusted you to pray for) or to expose what they privately trusted you to pray they overcome, to any other leader person or world.

You don’t have the privilege of repeating anything they have spoken to you in confidence, concerning anyone.  If God allow you access to their inner heart, mind and spirit, it was because He expected you to cover them while they recover from the struggle that were going through.

That leader has entrusted you with their issues because you were assigned by God to cover that leader always.

Just because you may have a different assignment, doesn’t mean that now you get to talk about the leader and assassinate their character, ruin their influence, discredit their name.  You are yet on heaven’s confidently listening ear influence.

The assignment was over, the connection had run it’s course, but God is yet asking you to maintain your integrity among the believers.

This is why I now have those who work in ministry with me, sign a legal integrity covenant contract, stating that they will not, can not, under any circumstance, repeat what is said or disclosed, what they heard or saw, to anyone else.

Many times, the person doing the talking was a close and a loyal person who was faithful and obedient to God, but has now more up or on, but the trust in that person to not divulge the person flaws is yet in full force.

Besides, as a person who was or is working with another, if you start degrading your former leader, then they know you are not a person to confide in or to be around.  They figure, if you talk about your former leadership, you won’t have a problem talking about them.  It’s about integrity trust loyalty and honor!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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  1. Hi there Barbara.
    Thanks for your post on word curses. The Lord has been dealing with me about the same thing.
    I have been praying pretty generally against these words the best I know, but maybe I can ask that you put together some prayer points guiding us in this matter.