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Warning Dream Interpretation: Cows —Disease — Quarantines — 2 Comments

  1. A nugget worth mentioning that may connect bird and cow “flu”…in Ontario, Canada the common dairy cow feed contains pork, which is Biblically unclean and brings many curses (isaiah 65 for one). It’s also against nature for herbivore cows to become carnivores…it stresses and weakens their bodies. A local farmer switched to a more expensive organic, herbivore cow feed in faith if they obeyed Torah commandments, God would honor their business. Sure enough, their milk production shot thru the roof, the cream percentage jumped dramatically, fertility and live birth and newborn calves growing to mature adult rates jumped to the point they had to rent another 2 nearby fields, vet bills dropped, locals who used to have dairy allergies were reporting they could drink their milk without problems. So the comment above re:Julie Green and distinction between who gets boils and who doesn’t will be those who obey God’s commandments and who don’t. EGYPT (Mithraism = modern day Christianity thanks to Roman Emporer Constantine in 321 A.D.) or God’s children that keep God’s commandments upon their forehead (thinking) and right hand (action).  Now Cross ref that w the verse that 10 Gentiles (uncircumcised hearts -rom 2:28-29) will cling to the skirt (*Kanaph = God’s covenantal covering) of 1 Jew (circumcised heart; deut 30) because they will SEE that God is with them. (Zech 8:23)

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth! There is a word from Julie Green that seems related to your words:


    My children, I am warning you that they will try to bring something worse than the Great Depression, an attack that will cripple this Nation entirely, destroy it, kill it. But they do not see Me coming. I will blast it from their hands into yours. They will NOT have this day the way they want it. I will have it My way. They will not put this Nation into bankruptcy from which it can never recover. No. Instead, I will bring them to this state to destroy their power and control. You do not need to fear this collapse. Do not fear what they say. Look to Me, and I will set you completely free, saith the Lord of Hosts.

    My children, you are about to see biblical-type plagues strike some of your enemies, even on their faces. Boils will be seen. See who is infected by them. See how they try to explain it away. Know that your enemies are very afraid, just as they were in Egypt. Watch, just as you have read in My Word, you will now see plagues in your time to show you that I am still the same God, and I still deliver My people from the enemy, saith the Lord.

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