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Warning: Food Poison — Prayer Over the Food — 2 Comments

  1. Dear sister Elisabeth
    I read your precious article late. Sorry for responding not earlier. Yes, we must take care of food and water, as well of what comes out of our hearts / mouths. Our words and actions can pollute or bless others. I know, your work is for warnings and blessings. Thank you for your hard work.

  2. Dear Elizabeth

    I saw your article, Warning: Food Poison — Prayer Over the
    Food.  Nothing new.  It is already happening – just will
    get alot worse.  Already there is

    – GMO foods
    – pesticide on produces
    – flouride in tap water (as least in CA, USA)
    – bad seed oil
    – fake meat (GMO junk food)
    – glyphosate (weed killer) in produces


    If you are interested in food-related issues, sign up for
    newsletter at


    Blessings, RSC

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