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Warning: Take Your Place on Your Knees! — 15 Comments

  1. Yes, I agree. For too long, we have given prophetic words without instructing people to pray to bring those words to pass.

  2. For I AM the Humble Farmer. I AM a God who farms. I strap on overalls. I, too, wear a straw hat and I enjoy planting and harvesting. For My Eyes move to and fro across your land, Oh Canada. I look across the fields, scanning them for willing and obedient soil. But I AM going before you and lighting up the field. For your fields, Oh Canada, they are filled with briars, burdocks and weeds. They steal, steal, steal your nutrients. So I shall set you aflame. And water you with My Spirit. I will till this land and churn it up. I will churn you up and plant in you Mighty Seeds of My Gifts. Oh, how you will grow. A beautiful field of wheat. I AM raising up the farmers for their time has come. I AM turning up the dial. I AM revving up the tractors, things are about to get loud. (a thought from God anyone praying for their country fits this prophecy trillium truth)

  3. I love the statement “Arise! Take your place on your knees”. This shows that what GOD is after is not a physical act of getting on your knees (although that is not a bad idea) but rather a humble and contrite heart crying out to GOD for fulfillment of all that has been prophesied.

  4. I don’t have Facebook Veronika so I hope you read these posts because I have a testimony to share that I believe will bless you, it truly blessed me.
    Yesterday morning I was reading your post to my husband, who by the way, is very critical of the Prophetic. He shrugged and walked away, (but he listened which is key).
    When he got home last night from work he told me he was listening to the radio and he said, “Your not going to believe this but our government is now enticing the farmers NOT TO PLANT CROPS!!!” (This is in the USA by the way) They’ve passed a new Bill for 1.6 TRILLION dollars with which 700 billion is going to what they term as the “Green Incentive.”
    Their using it to hire double the IRS agents (unaccountable to voters) to be the police over the finances of the land!!
    God bless you beautiful lady. :)
    P.S. I think my husband eyes were opened a bit wider yesterday!! :D:D

    • Thanks for the warning & the accompanying directive.

      Guilty and corrected to pray more fervently than ever – it was Paul who indeed exhorted us to “pray without ceasing.”

      Bless you.

  5. AMEN…I stand [Kneel] with you and all GOD’S people!
    FATHER give us the BOLDNESS to proclaim YOUR WORD to all. BLESS and protect all YOUR gifted Prophets and all YOUR children that hear YOUR voice. FATHER bring the lukewarm believers to their knees. GLORY TO GOD the FATHER, SON JESUS< and the HOLY SPIRIT!!!

  6. Good beautiful Day Veronika, thank you for posting this important truth!!
    I’ve lost more than I believe I’m allowed to share here on this page as a result of not taking it seriously.
    The open doors caused by embracing the devil of apathy allow the flood of the enemy to take out lives and destinies of family, community, cities and nations!!
    This is no joke!!
    While in the Vally of Decision the Lord opened my ears to hear the devil screaming for my soul, “SHE NEEDS TO CHOOSE!!!” he would say. This happened for a few weeks before I couldn’t take it anymore and I screamed, “I CHOOSE JESUS CHRIST!!” At that very moment I felt the RAGE of the enemy as I was stripped completely of this perverse world and taken into the arms of my Shepherd.  But then the enemy screamed at the Lord, “I WANT HER DAUGHTER!!” To which I cried in desperation, “NO LORD!!”
    You see, I’ve already lost one child, me oldest daughter. And I know it was a result of my apathy and disobedience.  The Lord has helped me to heal and has graciously comforted me, but I can tell you, and all of your readers, it’s no joke!!
    God bless your beautiful heart Veronika, and thank you for your obedience in posting this crucial message.
    It’s Now….or never!!
    Needless to day, i pray usually from around 3am to 7am, at which time I read what He’s speaking through my brothers and sisters the prophets…PRAISE GOD FOR YOU ALL!!
    The enemy has targeted His Ekklesia with a vengeance. But there is a remnant who will NOT quit!!
    They have counted the cost and have paid a dear price but have not taken their eyes off of the Prize He’s set before them!! They are fearless, relentless, unyielding, passionate and prepared by the Spirit to COMPLETELY take out the works of the devil in the Creation which belongs to the Father and His Saints!! And since neither failure nor deception exists within the One we Reflect…THE TRUTH HAS SET CREATION COMPLETELY FREE, WE ARE COMPLETELY FREE INDEED!! :D :D

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