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  1. And please, do not think I’d repeat it over and over, what happend 10 years. From November 2009 on I had long term contact / relationship with an US Airforce Fighterjet pilot, who flew frequently to the Arab nations until he got retired 3 years ago. I know what it means, when mails, phones and every privacy is hacked, attacked, stolen. I write is only for new visitors on HKP, because some may think, the story sounds crazy.  CIA / FBI, Homeland Security, and other hidden operations, local in Switzerland and even in Israel.

  2. Beautiful sister, thank you very much for this reminder that Paul and Silas sang at midnight, and for all the other Holy Scriptures.
    Years back I sang often around midnight, I had beautiful music channels with beautiful pictures of GOD’s creation snd of bright lights and most stunning dawns over the sea. People went so badly far that they made comments that the devil as the fallen angel would inhabit me. I heard gossip and ugly laughter from nieghbours, and got observed and persecuted over years. So I am greatly thankful for your reminder that the night is far spent and the MORNING STAR is very close ! There is a saying: A TRUE FRIEND IS SOMEONE WHO SINGS TO YOU WHEN YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN THE WORDS.
    Sister, I will sing again, no matter where and when ! Starting NOW ;)

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