Watch!  A New Way Is Opening Up to You!

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Walls Called ‘decrease’ Are Breaking Down!
Get Ready,  You Must Increase to Possess!

“When Father gave me these simple words for today, I felt deeply challenged to be rightly Aligned and positioned with “Increase.”

If we are to become partakers of what is being released in this hour and season, WE MUST INCREASE TO POSSESS THE PROMISE LAND!!

And in order to INCREASE we must “DEAL” with everything that would cause us to “DECREASE”.

In the last week I have had many visions and dreams relating to many being in a place of Confinement, Restriction, and Decrease,  I have seen strong demonic resistance assigned to prevent many from entering into the place of Increase and Promise.

Father says, “Little by little I will drive them out before you UNTIL YOU HAVE INCREASED ENOUGH TO TAKE POSSESSION OF THE LAND”  (Exodus 23:30).

Last night Father showed me that He is releasing “Angelic Assistance” in this season of transition and crossing over, Angelic Assistance that will lead us to the Promise of INCREASE.  “See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared for you”, says God,  (Exodus 23:20).

We must first INCREASE IN OUR SPIRIT, if we are to enter into Gods plan and purposes for our lives.

Now Egypt was a place of “confinement and bondage.”  God had to take them out of the Place of restriction and confinement before He could give them INCREASE.  He started with their Identity, their slave mentality had to be renewed and totally transformed.

The journey into the wilderness soon taught them to become True Worshippers, and when they became True Sons leaving their Slave Identity on the hot sands of the desert,.

God then took them into the Oasis of INCREASE, OVERFLOW AND ABUNDANCE.

Father is saying to many of you today, “It’s TIME to breakout of the Great Depression of the past, it’s time to MOVE, MOVE, MOVE, AND ADVANCE.

I AM taking you into a new season of Vision and Provision.  I AM breaking the powers of a slave mentality and revealing true Sonship in this hour.  

There are Giants in the land, but the Victories I have Promised are greater”, says God.

“Your deep wounds and discouragements have now become a launching pad into My Promises and supernatural provision, Even now I AM releasing a Fresh Anointing that has laid dormant within you for there is a new level of Kingdom Authority that is rising up in the land.

I AM Advancing you and giving you a strong back bone to become possessive for the promised reward of Increase and Abundance that I have prepared for those that have over come.”

Watch!  A New Way Is Opening Up to You!

I hear the Spirit say, “WATCH, For I AM about to do something new, I have already begun.  Do you see it?  I will make a pathway through the wilderness.  I will create rivers in the dry wastelands,”  says God.

“Times of Refreshing are here.  Come.  Stop a while and drink from the fountain of Abundance and Delight. The crystal clear waters from the River of My Glory will Revive, Replenish, Restore and Refresh you.

Now step into the River of Living Waters, where the Power of New Life And Healing can penetrate and permeate, saturating very fiber of your being.

My River flows from the highest of places, the Throne room of Grace.  It draws those who are weary from battle.  The sound of the waves calls them to Come, Soak and be satisfied.

It strengthens them to forget the former things, it empowers them with Courage to let go of the past.

For behold, I do a new thing in them!

They are stilled and invigorated by the reassuring sounds of My River’s current that moves and pushes them forward.  Its waters cleanse and purify.  It removes every entanglement of fear and sense of failure.

It is a River of Abundance that sustains and supplies every need.  It brings forth fruit and freshness, and wherever it flows and everything it touches it brings transformation and change!”

FAITH IS THE KEY, that Unlocks The Door of Promise!

Friends, BEFORE we can ever hope to fully walk in the promises of God for supernatural provision and overflow, we must FIRST SETTLE A MATTER IN OUR HEARTS:  “WHAT GOD SAYS is TRUE.”

There can be NO doubt, NO uncertainty and NO unbelief.  What God is revealing and promising to us can ONLY be ACCESSED by FAITH!

We must STOP and TAKE STOCK, while we have given FREE rent and boarding to the spirit of fear, doubt, and unbelief the demonic influences of doublemindedness, uncertainty, confusion and delay will continue to keep our FAITH weak and ineffective, the promises and purposes of God WILL go unfulfilled in our lives.

The Word says, “It’s Not by might nor by power but by My spirit, says God.”

I Pray;   Holy Spirit, thank you for giving me supernatural strength and power through Your Spirit,

Thank You for ASSURING me that it is YOUR GOOD PLEASURE to “give me the riches of your Kingdom”


Declare Aloud:  I am walking out of restriction!  I am walking into freedom!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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  1. Wow, Veronika, Such Confirmation unto me, this day. The Father, is Speaking, bears witness in my heart and spirit. Glory ! I step into the Rivers of Abundance. Thank you Abba !