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Your Job Experience Is Coming to an End — 7 Comments

  1. Oh Praise God!  For me it’s been almost thirty years.  It’s been very hard but God is so faithful. Amen Thank you for sharing this, it’s like a cup of cold water. May God bless you!!

  2. Boy do I need to hear this.  I am in the middle of a very incredibly difficult Job experience that has gone on so long and only seems to accelerate.  I have wanted to be like Job’s wife and cut out on God, but in my heart I know I can never do that. But I do need courage to trust for whatever is coming down the pike.  Please pray for me to have courage and strength to lean hard into the Lord and not give up.  I want to hope this will soon be over and blessing awaits.

  3. Yesterday the Lord told me the job trial was over and I was approved.  The enemy has left.  Years…but it is worth it all.

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