Your Job Experience Is Coming to an End


Your job experience is coming to an end.  Wow, to God be the Glory!

Many of you have been tested, tried and proven.  A Son and Daughter of God’s loyalty is tested when God takes everything FROM them!

Only in an effort to get MORE to them – only to qualify them for MORE after the TRIAL.

What kind of trial have you endured, that God is using to qualify you for GREATER?

Will you stick and stay with God, or will you be like Job’s wife and say, “Curse God and Die?”

Will you stay loyal to God, even when it looks like He left you?

When it looks like God has forsaken you?

Loyalty and love is proven through times of adversity, not times of advancement.  Advancement is the outcome, but adversity is the vehicle.

After everything is taken.  After it appears that you failed.  After it appears your life was bombarded with the attacks of the enemy, where are those who professed to Love you?  Where are your real friends?

What did they do?  How did they handle you?  Job lost everything!  And all because God “allowed Satan” to test him.

God said these exact words, “Have you considered my servant JOB?”

God said Job was already faithful and upright before HIM!  He said, in fact, He loved God and eschewed evil.  Yet Job was still tested!

And not only was Job tested, so we’re his friends!  Some of them were wrong!  And some of them will be dealt with by God until you pray for them!

Be careful how you handle someone who is going through a TRIAL ordained by GOD.  You never know if your own loyalty and heart is being tested too!

MY GOD, MY GOD.  When Job came out of His trial, the REWARD WAS SO MUCH GREATER!  (Job 1.2, 42)

ELEVATION IN GOD COMES THROUGH FAITHFULNESS WITH GOD, during the most harsh times of testing!

Your Job experience is coming to an END!  And for some who watched you, mocked you and desired to see you FALL AND FAIL, they will only see you WIN AND WIN AND WIN AND WIN AGAIN.


~ Apostle-Prophetess Adrianne Kendell
Crown Jewel Ministries.
Where living Gems become Eternal.  Agape.

End Time Apostle-Prophet Adrianne KendellEnd Time Apostle-Prophet Adrianne Kendell





Your Job Experience Is Coming to an End — 7 Comments

  1. Yesterday the Lord told me the job trial was over and I was approved.  The enemy has left.  Years…but it is worth it all.

  2. Boy do I need to hear this.  I am in the middle of a very incredibly difficult Job experience that has gone on so long and only seems to accelerate.  I have wanted to be like Job’s wife and cut out on God, but in my heart I know I can never do that. But I do need courage to trust for whatever is coming down the pike.  Please pray for me to have courage and strength to lean hard into the Lord and not give up.  I want to hope this will soon be over and blessing awaits.

  3. Oh Praise God!  For me it’s been almost thirty years.  It’s been very hard but God is so faithful. Amen Thank you for sharing this, it’s like a cup of cold water. May God bless you!!