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We Are in a Season of Great Triumph! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you, dear sister. Particularly for Ephesians 1:18 and all chosen Holy Scriptures. 
    After years of being hunted and oppressed by religious (modern pharisees) and by secular forces, I do not dare to say that my life and my freedom are “my” triumph. It is Jesus Christ’s triumph. And never ever the triumph of those who planned and operated with god-less operations and persecution.
    I am seated with Jesus Christ very close to the Father, and so do all born again believers. This triumph is assured and no one can steal it from us.
    I can’t wait for His return, when finally all accusers mouths must shut up, and every knee must bow, and every false pride must come down. Hard words, but they are written in the Holy Bible. May Jesus Christ, our Messiah – Redeemer – Deliverer – return quickly and triumphantly. And He will !

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