Weapons of Mass Distraction — 1 Comment

  1. Make me strong Lord in your word no matter the sacrifice. Seal me shield me protect me and defend me Most High God, by the power of the blood of Christ. May every arrow of the enemy that has struck your people be removed and that wound healed. In Jesus mighty name. The name above all names. Amen.

    May you Most High God seal those who temp your children to sin to fall into their own snare may you seal them unto their own judgment for the words they speak and for their own actions, for vengeance is mine says the Lord I will repay.

    I am under heavy attack of members of the church who are in fact of the synagogue of Satan, but God you have made me a warrior, not a scares rabbit. You have given me all power over the works and lies of tge enemy and your word is my shield my defense for you will not cast a shifting shadow.

    Your judgments are right oh God, and not a single detail will pass from your word or the Bible, you are the executioner of judgments and you give each men according to his ways.

    For I see thieves trying to steal the harvest trying to spoil Gods harvest and that which he has given to his children, U also see the narrow way that leads to life eternal but I see a hoard of false Christians coming to persuade even push the weak and humble to entice them and try to push them unto the wide gate, but yours is the Judgment oh Most High God, for you don’t tempt any men and we can do all things through Christ all we need is faith that he is who he is and to believe in his word. Rough season, many illusions from the church i attended are falling, and the Living God is not happy, these people say there is no judgment but I also hear the Lord say those aren’t my thoughts. For the Holy Spirit knows the thoughts of God and he reveals them to our Spirit.

    It may be months or a year but if we persevere and ask the Lord to preserve us he will do it. For we walk not by sight feelings thoughts whether our own or others or by emotions but by obedience to Gods word and that is where the true sacrifice begins for his words are life and life eternal. As it says in john 3:18 those who reject him are already condemned.