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What Are You Going to Do When the Mountains Fall Into the Sea? — 5 Comments

  1. Prophets sometime see ten years into the future and sometimes a thousand years. Take it to the Lord, but not judge the prophet just yet.

    By the way, has anyone apologized to this prophet for being right about Biden going into office? Maybe Trump did get the votes, but he didn’t go into office as this prophet said.

    • Nobody needs to apologize to a mortal man or being over God’s given word please. God’s words can never return void & no one can fight or help God in any way. Uzzah tried supporting the art of covenant from falling & God struck him. King Saul offered offering ahead of prophet Samuel, he lost everything & also the people of Israel suffered greatly in the hands of their enemies. God is faithful to his words always. I still maintain my stand that the Lord told me right here in Africa that USA 2020 election result is cover up.  I have said this repeatedly & will continue to pray. Those prophets who prophesied a Trump win were all Right & never wrong please. I pray God’s anger will not come on the loving people of America & the Church for concealing facts. My candid opinion please. Thanks

  2. I thank God for you my Brother, a True Prophet of the Most High Yeshua, speaking whatsoever the Holy Spirit has declared! You are the One who sits alone speaking “Truth” resounding “Present Truth” always. Love you my Brother man of God/Yeshua, God Bless (Like Jeremiah during his time, they came against him) Hallelujah

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