What have We done with the Power?


Before He left, He told them that they were to be endued with power; they were to go back into the city, and wait for it.  That’s what they did.  Once before, He had taught them clearly that after He went away, His Father would send the Comforter, which was the Holy Ghost.  They were told, they would receive Power, after that the Holy Ghost came upon them.  And they did; just as it had been spoken.

In fact, the Holy Ghost roared up into that Upper Room, with such power, that it sat upon each one of them, life a flame of fire.  And every last one of them there, were filled with the Holy Ghost; with the very same power.  And it changed the entire world.  From there, they went about using this power, and the world has never been the same since.  It wasn’t their own power; it had nothing to do with their individual abilities; it was a manifestation of the Spirit.  No self-help program, no power of self; just the pure Holy Ghost .

Jesus had that power.  He went about using it, all over the country as He performed miracles, signs and wonders.  He healed all manner of diseases and healed the lepers, the lame, the blind, those with blood issues, cast out demons, raised the dead; both in funeral processions, in homes and in front of burial caves.  But note, He demonstrated this power before his own disciples; and He gave them power, to do the same.  He sent them out, and they healed the sick and cast out demons; He taught them how to use it.

Those who received the Holy Ghost, used the power they had been given.  It’s so incredible to me, to know the mighty miracles and works they did; so full of that Power, that one’s very shadow, might heal those it touched.  It might not set well with some, but many mighty Prophets and leaders of men in the OT, also had great power.  All of it, was the manifestation of the Power and might of God.  The Holy Spirit, is actually the Holy Spirit of God.  However you see it, we the believers, were given that same power.  We are to remind ourselves, that Jesus Christ, paid a great price, for us to have it.

We claim, that we received it.  We preached that everyone receiving the Holy Ghost, would have that power.  Many of us used it, in the beginning.  We saw great miracles; we saw our own healed of sickness.  Some of us, have even cast our devils and delivered those who were possessed; we freed them; with the power we had been endued with.  What have we done with this power today.  Can we say, that we use it in the same might and authority they did in the early church; if we had it, what happened to it?  We will need it in this final hour.  Many will stand up once more; who will it be?


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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