What Is Transitioning In This Time Concerning Front Line Conflicts? — 1 Comment

  1. Good morning dear sister. What a powerful, loving and caring word today ! Thank you so much ! Yes, our forefathers and foremothers with strong faith also experienced ugly accusations. Your article gives me new strength. Now a short testimony: This early morning my son stood at my bed and said, his ex-girlfriend is here. She met him in a club in the big city and said, she dearly misses him AND me… They were separated last October, after 1 beautiful year, through many circumstances. This life has so many temptations for they youth. They are so young (19 and 20) . But what she remembered (and he) that his mom always served them and forgave them many mistakes, and every new morning in GOD`s eyes and so for us – is a NEW morning. May they marry soon. I think, they will.

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