What the LORD Said to Me About California!


Last night about 1 to 2 a.m., I was praying seeking God and asking him about any Words concerning California.

Please understand that the reason I was praying, is I have heard so many Words about California and about a terrible earthquake that is coming [all the way back to 2008] that I have been aware of much warning for that state.

I have watched the news daily, and checked with USGS almost every day, for years.  I do this because of the severe warning I did received.

You must know, the night the LORD told me about the California quake which was coming, it did scare me.

I heard Him say,  “You’d better sit down, because I AM fixing to tell you something very hard to hear.”

The LORD went on to tell me there was coming a ‘quake like none others in California, that would literally destroy much of the state and many lives would be lost.  Much destruction.

The LORD has given me Words for the San Francisco area, which could cause one to not be able to sleep.

He said large sections of San Fransisco would go down under and in flames.  He said He would have to literally pull people to safety, like he did in Sodom.

This morning I heard Him say when I ask Him this question:  “LORD, is there still an earthquake coming?”

He said,  “The California earthquake is in the ground forming even as I speak.  It is growing in intensity the longer it is prolonged [plates kept from shifting or do not shift].

It is not a question of will it happen, but, it is … WHEN will it happen.”

The LORD did explain to me something important about the earthquake coming.  He said to me,  “I AM not directly sending it to California.”

He further said,  “The reason?  I cannot stop what men do and their choices, I can only see them making choices.

The fact that men are causing the earthquakes to come upon them themselves, is because of their choices.”

Explaining further He said,  “Men give the devil the right to hurt them when they deliberately turn to sin.  Sin is a terrible choice!”

The LORD spoke about the scripture warnings,  “The soul that sins shall die,” and “The wages of sin is death,”  “Whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap.”

The fact is, He said,  “Men sin deliberately.  Like for instance, they sin and reject the truth of God which is clearly given to them, even written in their minds [a created knowledge or conscience of right and wrong].

Yet, knowing that sin is terrible and has penalty, they do it anyway, turning away from reality and continue on deliberately as if there was no penalty!”

The LORD did explain to me as well, that it is a terrible thing to even speak or continue to speak the words spewed out by ungodly men.

He was talking about the tongues of men speaking and agreeing with even part of the evil language of the ungodly men about ungodly things.

The tongue is a fire of iniquity, according to James 3 and we see what great fires happen, because of man’s words.  Even wars begin, because of loose talk and repeated jargon.

The fact is, the LORD said that men in California are really speaking boldly and standing up in favor of evil at this moment.  We hear it in the news.  We see the results of their talk in the news as well….

We all have watched how California has been ravished by fire, mudslides, drought, and earthquakes.  We have all watched as California is in the news almost daily, as some more tragic event takes place.

The LORD said to me, He was not doing it himself…  And that the devil had taken up their choices and words and by them, the people were suffering.

The LORD went on to explain that He sees it coming and knows it will happen, but He is bound by His Word, the Word that speaks promises to the evil choices of men.

The fact is, he said to me,  “Men are doing it with their own actions, and I know it…  But I must let My Word go forth.  The devil can only do what I have allowed him to do. 

And have I not said the soul that sins shall die, or that the wages of sin is death?

*  *  *  *  *  *

As one who speaks what I hear the LORD say… and one who does warn men everywhere, to repent, I write this Word of Warning

What I am seeing in my spirit and hearing about California now, Is that major destruction will happen shortly, unless men repent and turn from sin, setting their choices upon God and moral decisions.

There must be a change and a turning in repentance, else sin will take them down.

God is holy.  God has created man, never intending that men would live such despicable lives of sin, impacted by a total rejection of God himself, and even His knowledge.

What also I am hearing is that California could lead out in disaster in front of all the nation, because of their blatant sin, and rejection of the truth of God, and God himself.

Many “innocent men” are not innocent as long as they give mouth to and their acceptance [personally or politically] to sin.

The LORD has spoken to me about the sin of sodomy, and I have been in His presence when He demonstrated to me personally, His deep anger toward this sin.

Of all the things I have heard about California, I hear about the sin of sodomy, and how that sin is practiced and approved in the state.

I have heard as well about their harboring of evil wishes, to protect evil and even make it a sanctuary.  I hear of their defiance of the laws to protect evil.

I have heard about the awful and open cancer of sin coming up out of Hollywood, and how they portray sex as acceptable, along with violent crimes and evil acts of men, depicting them on the screen for all men to behold.

The last I will mention, [not last in order of significance ] is the sin of abortion, which murders the unborn.

The future of California does not look good, and what I hear is not good.  I do not like to speak it, but must, for I have had too many warnings to not speak it.

California is happening now.  Pray for California, because as I write, they are leading out in defiance against God.

I hear strong warnings right now for California and what will happen.

I see earthquake.  I see terror.  I see destruction.

My advice is if you live in California, seek a way to leave it before it is too late.

*  *  *  *  *  *

I have written this Word in obedience to my LORD.

LORD, remember mercy, and extend grace, yet, and move to convict of sin and to bring men to true repentance.

LORD, step in and move exposing the sins and causing men to be awakened to their choices and how it effect them and their future.

There is much more that I could say concerning what I have heard, like how many people I have seen visions, coming out of California.  About warning to many to leave…

And the calls of even some to remain, to help those hurting, [working out of some safe places God is putting in place in California now].

Like I said, I have heard a lot about this, but this morning I was answered a certain way…. He said, it is in the ground and building up intensity even as He spoke to me.

I believe there are places in California which will be spared, and many helped, simply because of Christians who pray and believe God.  Like even parts of Los Angeles where much prayer has gone out.

But I am hearing much is fixing to happen in California.  Shortly.

As a matter fact, we have watched much already happening, and what and why, is a very present warning of worse things coming.


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey
The light will shine in His glory… In the desert.

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