What’s Behind It?


One of the things I had to work on for a very long time was, seeing beyond the symptoms.  It was usually easy to spot the manifestation of the thing; but not really know the root cause.  After a lot of mistakes, hurt, pain and heartache, we learn the hard way, that unless you understand what the true problem is, the symptoms and manifestations of it will continue.  And it’s not just in ourselves; it’s also about why others act out to you also.

We know that medicine can treat the symptoms but not address the underlying illness.  What am I getting at?  There is a spirit that is driving people, all over the world.  They can’t be still.  Driving in a place where their record was of the best, they have begun driving crazy now; like much of what we see here.  And it is dangerous kinds of things.  Crossing double lines, passing on a curve or on approaching a hill; taking chances that should not be taken. It seems they have no care for their lives, or even when mothers are driving with their own children in the car.  Racing.  To where?

Have we ever known such greed; beyond anything we’ve ever seen before.  Multifaceted major operations, all over the world, that have no care for other humans.  Not satisfied with having and making so much; but an all out drive, for more, more and more.  This program oriented type of church, has allowed the enemy to steal something from us.  And that’s the knowledge and the true awareness we had about spiritual wickedness, in high places.  Did it ever occur to us, that when we cease to do spiritual warfare, we leave the door open for every kind of unwanted and evil spirit.

Half of the virgins in that text, did not have enough oil.  Now we can accept that or not.  They all trimmed their lamps.  But in our world today of highly advanced technology, we can forget something that is vitally important.  You can trim the lamp all you want; but without the oil, there will be no light.  What light we do have, will soon go out.

I am led to stop right here and address something.  There are people posing on here as friends of our list.  They are hiding.  The things they are saying to one another, about what is being posted here [on Facebook], may never be known clearly.  Their religious and self-righteous spirit, their sneers and envious hearts, are trying to stop those here, who are giving their all, to be led by the Spirit.

The truth is, it’s not all about their vain attempts or what condition their spirit is really in.  They aren’t even aware, they are being used as pawns.  I wonder, if they even have a clue, just how much the enemy and all his hosts, are working through them.  We’ve always had such things; and yes, even in the church.  But it has never been on such a scale.  I flipped through some channels in another country recently; and was shocked at what wasn’t there before.  Movies. Of the most gruesome, violent, demonic style creatures and so much portrayal of the spirit realm; the darker side of it.

It took me a bit to realize, those productions did not come from that country; they were from here.  The language was dubbed over for the local audience.  I thought, dear God; so this is what our people here are watching and listening to.

Conclusion.  What’s behind all of this?  Do we know or care, that it is a prelude to a certain event that many, even those who once knew better, don’t want to talk about now.

If it doesn’t matter to us now, it will; and very soon.  So many claiming spiritual insight; speaking, prophesying and calling themselves this and that.  They’re frauds; but it cannot be detected in the natural.  World affairs; what’s behind it all.  What’s behind the true misery, even in people’s homes.  Blindness, is on the rise.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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