When Is The Watchman Finished?


For the past hours, I have been struggling with something.  It is my honest belief, that there are many who are not going to listen, to a watchman.  As the Word says, the love of many have waxed cold.  I have wondered, if the Old and New Testament prophets, got tired of telling people things they didn’t want to hear, and had no intention of heeding.  Do we think they just became thick-skinned; or did they keep weeping.

The letter to the 7th church, (Revelation 3) is pretty clear.  If you have traveled some places in the world lately, you’ve noticed things, on both sides of the pond.  Many people who have so much, don’t truly appreciate it; they’ve gotten used to having things and they think the world is just going to clip right along, just like it has been.  I cannot help but recall a story of a man, who looked at everything he had, and thought he needed to build bigger barns.  And what came next, was those infamous words, “Soul, take thine ease.”

I watched a commercial on television last evening, that stirred me.  It’s being done by one of the men who’s ran several times for a place of high leadership.  I’m asking the Lord if I can input a word of my own here; just a word.  I’m not interested in your politics.  I know full well, why the powers that be, are allowing this person to say what he’s saying.  They know, most people will not believe him anyway.  Another financial breakdown, the collapse of a certain market; worse, and more devastating, than we’ve ever known.  A total change in life, as we have known it.  The Spirit, sees that.

I don’t want to talk about warnings anymore.  It seems so obvious to me, that people here, and also in other parts of the so-called western world, have no intention of changing anything.  It might cost me a lot, but I also believe, that many who are having church in the manner they are also, have no ideas, about doing things any different.

Self-justification rules, with banners flying.  Many are so caught up in their own selves and their inner club, why try to alert any of them; why should anyone try to wake them up.  Let them be.

But how can a real watchman quit, and set down and rest, when it is his or her job? It’s what they were called to do.  You can’t.  Some are so less than deep, they can’t imagine that people will stand before the Lord one day, and answer, for sitting down.  When good old Jonah got to where he was supposed to go, that entire city was about to be completely destroyed.  What if Jesus, had kept quiet, about this thing called, the beginning of sorrows?  And what if John had not written those letters, he was told to write to the churches?

We should not, and don’t have to live in fear.  That is a biblical fact.  God hath not given us a spirit of fear.  But how do you tell people, they have no true fear of the Lord.

Many who are so quick to throw verses and preach to others, would never believe, that they also have consciences that have been seared, with a hot iron.  They do not love others, even if they say they do.  Like John wrote, they do not see themselves at all.

So, you let them be.  But since there truly are precious souls, that are seeking so hard to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church today, you wash your face, and stand up.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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