Where is The Kingdom of God?


“I, The Lord of all, Ask you:

Where is The Kingdom of God?

Is it on earth?

There is only one spiritual kingdom on earth!  That of Satan.

You are my outposts of My Kingdom on earth representing me and doing My Work.

There are no fence sitters and there is no fence between the two kingdoms to sit on.

You are either in My Kingdom, serving Me, resting from serving Me, teaching others about Me or learning about Me or, through rebellion, apathy, indifference or laziness serving My enemy, Satan.

Service to Me is not ministry as you define it, but obediently doing whatever I ask you to do, and not what mankind, Christian organisation, church or denomination says you should be doing for Me.

I remind you that it is your heart’s attitude I examine and not what you do or say.

Do you obey out of a desire to please me or are you doing it to please man and/or obtain money, position,  self-worth or self-esteem by you ‘ministry’.  Note, I said your ministry, and not mine, if you are not doing it for me, because it does not have My purpose as its main objective.

If the churches were listening to Me, then they would do what I desired them to teach and preach and would demonstrate The Kingdom of God in what they did.  But many churches are not listening to Me so that My Kingdom is Hidden!

I list what I say is wrong with the churches and denominations.  Each church has some obedience, so is not guilty of all of these things, but I demand full obedience and not partial obedience.

Things that are not done or Misunderstood in regard to churches:

The church has confused the denomination with The Kingdom of God and exalted the denomination to a position it should not have and by this, makes the work of the denomination, replace the work of The Kingdom.  As a result, all sorts of errors and wrong principles have crept into the church.

Ten things that are problems with Christianity:

  1. When the Kingdom of God is not demonstrated, then Christianity is no different to any other religion, cult or moral lifestyle.
  2. When the Christians stopped meeting in public places and used special buildings they became a closed society and no longer informally met people in the public places to discuss the Christian faith as the early church did.  In many places now they have lost the ability to meet openly and discuss or preach Jesus.  To many, they are like secret societies that meet behind closed doors and do things they are not allowed to tell the public.  Because most of My people do not tell the public about Me, the church, to many, is like a secret society.
  3. When they stopped hearing The Holy Spirit, or believed He was not personal, or that He could not be heard by people, they became like any other religion and had to use man’s way of doing things.
  4. When they stopped using The Gifts of The Holy Spirit and My Authority they became no different to any cult or religion.  Who said these were no longer for use by The Church?  Show me in My Bible where I say the gifts of The Holy Spirit and My Authority are not longer usable by The Church?
  5. When they stopped laying up treasure in heaven, they laid up treasure on earth and grew wealthy, worldly and spiritually powerless.  In fact wealth and church membership became the criterion for successful leadership, just like any modern business.  Since when is My Church a business?
  6. When they stopped showing God’s Love and Mercy to people they had to find a new direction and  purpose for being a church and justifying their existence.  Man’s ways of doing things became the church’s way of doing things, so it grew less and less like The Kingdom of God, and more like the world.
  7. When they lost their personal relationship with God, it was because they stopped believing in a personal God.  They lost their identity of whom they were, as Christians.  Christianity is a relationship with ME and The Father, guided by The Holy Spirit, and when that is gone, so is the essence of your Christianity.
  8. When they gave authority to a person (pastor apostle etc.), they placed themselves under man and not God and lost direction and purpose being guided and driven by man, and their processes rather than God’s Holy Spirit.
  9. When they paid others who were “certified and trained,” to do the work and evangelism I told My People to do, they lost their purpose for being a Christian.
  10. When they became insular and self orientated, promoting their own church or denomination and not My Body, they lost their focus on the world and God’s heart, for it and divided My Body.

What is not usually done by the denominational church:

They do not demonstrate the authority and power of Jesus over My enemy.  They do not use the Gifts of The Holy Spirit.

They do not destroy the works of the enemy.

People do not individually stand up for the values and purposes of the Kingdom of God in the world around them.

They do not worship in public, but privately in a special building which has little to attract those outside Christianity, so that most outside of it have no idea what goes on in a church, to even desire to be a part of it.  How can you attract people to it when they do not know what it is, or has apparently nothing to offer them better than what Satan offers them in his world system around them, that they know so well?

They do not take ground from the kingdom of the enemy, so that the enemy takes ground from The Kingdom of God.

They do not rescue souls from the kingdom of the enemy and remove the damage he has done to them.  How selfish, to be saved and let others go to the hell I delivered you from.

They have given Satan, through indifference to the battle, the earth, and all on it, rather than fight Satan and increase the influence of the Kingdom of God on the earth.  The earth is mine for you to claim, because I won it from Satan at Calvary as a spoil of war!  He will not give it up without a fight, and most do not fight for it, let alone know how to fight for it.

They tolerate the sins that resulted in so many dying in Israel and Judah and eventually resulted in the people being removed from the land!

They do not teach the true cost to people of what Jesus did at Calvary!

They do not teach the redemption and Authority Jesus obtained at Cavalry.

They do not teach personal holiness and sanctification and become compromised by the world!

Their worship has become fleshly and self-centred, no longer being led by The Holy Spirit, being focused on them and their feelings, and not on whom I AM.

They do not give Me Glory, appreciation and are not thankful for all I have done for them and do for them in their daily lives.

They enjoy the chief places at the feasts and the importance of having large churches and popularity, so they can make money selling their material.  I give them all they write and own the copyright yet they ignore this and claim it is their own work!

Numbers and prosperity are more important that humility or holiness!

They do not use God’s weapons of warfare, and so are easy prey for His enemy!

They do not protect the people in the congregation adequately, because they use their own weapons and defences, and not God’s!

They do not teach the people how to protect themselves from Satan and how to defeat him and destroy his works and plans.

They do not fulfill God’s requirements for true religion…  loving their neighbour with the quality of Love which with I Love them!   Helping the widow, the orphan, the sick and the needy!

They do not grieve in their hearts over the lost and the fallen!  They do not weep over them, as I and My Father do!

They do not even pray for the labourers they need, which I told them to pray for.

They do not expect or desire the rapture.

They do not pray for The Kingdom of God to come, when I will rule on earth

They are too busy building “organisations” and using the latest “approved” method to listen to The Holy Spirit’s guidance!

They are too busy holding the factions in the church together to spend time evangelising and spending time with God.  What are you preaching that you tolerate factions which divide My Body and do not show My Love?

They spent money on buildings and personal “junkets” and “necessary” luxuries, rather than on the lost and needy around them.  Many of the ministers also have a lifestyle better than the people they are supposed to Love as themselves!  They ignore the poor in their church, while making themselves more comfortable, living in the style they believe their position deserves.

They are too busy playing “important pastor” of “prominent minister” to develop intimacy with Me, The Father and The Holy Spirit.  Their activity on His “behalf” is no replacement for a vital, close, relationship with Us!

They do not disciple new Christians or develop the more mature Christians in the way they should, as ‘fathers’ and ‘mothers’ to them and not just teachers.

They do not develop the gifts and abilities of the people under their authority!

They do not use most of the congregation, except for subordinate positions, because they are not ‘qualified’ for more important positions in the church.

Unless they are “trained” or “officially” approved, people cannot minister in ‘their’ church!   As a result, they condemn many to consider themselves inadequate for God’s service because of this!

They do not teach ‘their’ people to minister to those outside the church, but only ‘trained’ people are allowed to minister ‘officially’ in or outside the church!  By this many are prevented from evangelism that would otherwise wins souls for The Kingdom.

They do not teach people what God’s type of Love is, so people can show it to their family, as well as those living around them, and by this, win many to Jesus!

They do not properly disciple new followers of Jesus but process them, so many do not mature, or fall away.  Those that remain are churchified and fit in to what is required of them by the church and denomination.

They disobey Acts 6 (separation of minister and administrative functions) so that disorder is in the church and they are not doing what God really wants them to do

They do not live Matthew 6:33 as they should and trust me for all their daily needs.  If you say that your daily needs (not greeds) are not met, then you are calling Me a liar, but in reality, you are not obeying Me, so that I cannot meet these needs, or are actually desiring things you do not need for My Kingdom’s work, so that I will not meet these needs

They reject God’s prophets calling them to repentance, but listen to those who “tickle” their ears with prosperity and ease!

They do not learn, or teach, how to share in God’s fellowship of suffering, or teach others, what it means!

They do not carry out the commission in Isaiah 61:1-3, or Matthew 28:18-20, or teach “their” church to do so, or demonstrate they believe, I AM The Lord of all!  (Mark 16:15-18)

They do not used God’s gifts, or delegated authority, properly… but use them to build numbers…  and not to heal or deliver people and train them sending them forth to a lost and hurting world!

The remove all who threaten them through calling them trouble makers, or heretics, and by this, stop the church being called to repentance.

They preach that I must give you more than you give Me, so teach people to give, so they expect to get more back.  I do not need to give you anything.

They have replaced The Spirit with management techniques that belong to the world and thus to Satan, and cannot see they have let the world into their counselling and removed The Holy Spirit.

They do not teach people to walk listening to My Spirit, but to walk according to their guidelines and reasonings, based on what their denomination or church board says and not what I say to do.

They sing about what they will do for me, then leave church and do not do this, and so are hypocritical, even paying others to do the work they said they would do.

They have forgotten the need to have The Bible, central in their life, and each day use management principles which have been developed by Satan for his purposes.

They do not test the spirit behind new ideas, so that Satan has been able to place his ideas on the church, which has gladly accepted them, and brought into it new age and other worldly principles and does not realise this.

They do not meet the needs of people, so that many leave the church for the things Satan offers them which appear to meet their needs better than the church does.

They do not stand up for My things, so that ideas like Evolution, ‘the Bible has myths’, ’we are all God’ etc. now fill society and the’ church’

They do not talk to their neighbours or friends about Me and do not promote Me by their lives before people and show to others, how I help them in their lives, and can help others, who come to Me.

If a church has none of these, then you are doing the work of The Kingdom.  If your church has one more of these, then go to God and see what He wants you to do about it.

How to stifle The Kingdom of God:

Do not make God a personal God.Do not make Him relevant for daily living – only for special occasions such as Easter and Christmas, weddings and funerals.

Do not make His miracles or gifts to be for today, but only for the time of Jesus.

Do not believe or teach the personal guidance and power of the Holy Spirit.

Do not teach about Satan, hell and My authority over it.

Do not make The Word more important than reason, tradition or denominational rules.

Do not make the work of God personal – use agencies for charity and evangelism and not church members.

Do not teach the war the church is in, or how to win this war.

Do not free people from the enemy, or heal the damage he has done to them.

What is not preached:

Hell and God’s Judgment:  People are not told what they are saved from, so that salvation does not become imperative.  Restoration and deliverance do not mean anything, as there is nothing from which to be delivered, or restored to wholeness.   People do not realize their potential, because they are not delivered from the effects of the fall on the ‘flesh’.The Victory we have over demons and temptation was won by Jesus at Calvary.

The rewards of the Kingdom of Heaven:  So we don’t know how much better they are, so that we do not realize that the pleasures of earth are not worth holding onto, because they pale in comparison to what is going to be given to us in heaven.  It is the rewards in heaven, that make suffering worthwhile.  If there were no rewards, there would be no reason to suffer.  However, the true Christian does not suffer for reward, but out of love for Jesus.  This is also not taught.

That I have an incentive program called “avoiding hell” and what is avoided by not going to hell.

The Love of God expressed towards us:  So we do not know how special we are to God, or what He does for us each moment of the day.  We are not taught the extent of God’s Love towards us!  Or that salvation is a Love relationship.

The Grace of God which permeates everything that happens to us, is not taught as it should be.  How God provides all we need and gently deals with us out of no benefit to Him.  That it is God’s unmerited favour towards us.

Salvation as a personal relationship:  So God becomes impersonal to us and the depth and quality of the relationship with Him is not realized.  Thus we do not serve Him out of love but of necessity.

The Grace of God is not taught.  Who Jesus is, and what He gave up for us: so we do not appreciate His Love for us, and what He gave up to help us.  Thus we do not realize any sacrifice we make pales in significance when compared to what He gave up for us!

What it means to be a citizen of God’s Kingdom:  So we do not realize what it means to be a citizen of God’s Kingdom and all it requires of us and as well as the rewards offered toward us!

The gifts of The Holy Spirit and the delegated authority of Jesus so that the church is sick, without power and has nothing with which to do the work of Jesus but reasoning and psychiatry, psychology or medicine.  (God can use these, but usually He has not been consulted first, so His healing is ignored.)

They do not teach the role of The Holy Spirit in a believer’s life, which is strange, considering I specifically sent Him to help My people live in the way I desired them to live.

The judgment of all, immediately after death, and sentence declared at the Great white throne, as result of this judgment.

The return of Jesus, when all will be restored on earth, and things will be as they should have been.

The complete work of Jesus at Calvary, so that people are emotionally crippled by guilt, shame and condemnation, instead of being released from these.

They need to have their family in order if they desire to or be used to lead others.  If you cannot rule your own family properly how can you say you are able to lead others.  It is a requirement of My leaders, that they have their family in order before they are given a right to lead.  If you cannot be trusted with your own family how can I trust you with others.

When you face Me will it matter that:

Does it matter how good your theology is, if there is one person going to hell because of it?  Does it matter how good your church programs, are if there is one person in your area of influence who has not heard The Gospel?

Does it matter how wealthy and prosperous your church is, if there is one person you can help who goes hungry?

Does it matter how good your facilities are, if there is a child sleeping in the streets that you can help?

Does it matter that the needs of the congregation are met, but the wounded spirit and the broken hearted outside the church are ignored?

Does it matter how well your church is run, if those outside it are not ministered to as Jesus desires you to minister to them?

You are to do what I tell you to do and not what others say you should do, so that when I tell you to minister, you are to do it.   The fact there is a need and you cannot meet it, is different to knowing it is there, and not desiring to meet it.  This is why you must listen to The Holy Spirit, so you know what I require you to do, and not what Satan may try to have you do through guilt.

Remember the warnings I gave to the seven churches in My Revelation to John.  Some still called themselves a church of mine.  They looked like a church of mine but were not, having the form of Godliness, but not its Authority, and so did not demonstrate My Kingdom to show that it belonged to me.

There is still time to repent and remedy these omissions, but it is short and soon it will be too late as the rapture will have occurred and you will be left behind in the tribulation.

Remember, you only have to wholeheartedly try to remedy any deficiencies to satisfy me and that complete obedience is required and not obedience to the things you want to do so you neglect other requirements of me.”


“But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you “   Matthew 6:33.

“In the year that King Uzziah died I then saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and His train filled the temple.  Above it stood the seraphs; each one had six wings; with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew.  And one cried to another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is Jehovah of Hosts; the whole earth full of His glory”   Isaiah 61:1-3.

“And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, All authority is given to Me in Heaven and in earth.  Therefore go and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,  teaching them to observe all things, whatever I commanded you.  And, behold, I am with you all the days until the end of the world. Amen”   Matthew 28:18-20.

“And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.  Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.  And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up serpents with their hands; and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover”   Mark 16:15-18.


Through Neville Salvetti
28 January 2015.

HKP logoNeville Salvetti is a deliverance minister and can be contacted via
The Web Pages of Neville Salvetti and at: salvettina@bigpond.com if you desire deliverance or to know how to do it.
Neville have been told to preach three things:
Deliverance   How to Hear The Holy Spirit   How to fight Satan
This is the need of the hour as it demonstrates The Kingdom of God, which is what attracts people to Jesus.

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